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Botanist on Alp -

No, I cannot deny having had my fill of manouverings in Helsinki nights, "successful" or otherwise (or some Dublin nights), but still almost always not to the heights of my expectations, having been - and being - a stranger to my self, to my own body. But it is interesting to fail, you feel it keenly.

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  Värikollaasi #48 RUSKA – COLORS OF FALL is theme theme for Color Collage          Filed under: color collages, nature Tagged: color collage, Finland, In colour, nature, photos

Elossa euroopassa -

liput - check arvoesineet hylätty - check taskupullo - check kamera - en tarvi bussilippu - check rahaa kiertuepaitaan - check hyvä meininki - check rockseuraa - anyone? Antti? Jee!

Better Than Sliced Bread -

2016 was a rough year for the world. Honestly the world hasn’t looked this bleak in a long time. The election results that went through in the US feel like a slap in