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Oppitori -

Scoop.it-sivustolla voi kerätä leikekirjaa , joka ei kerry nurkkiin pölyttymään. Varmaankin alkuperäiset jutut ennen pitkää häviävät, mutta otsikko, kuva ja jutun kärki eli ingressi säilyvät. Otsikko on analysoitavana. Pienestä ikkunasta ja perusmuodosta käsin on helppo hakea sanojen merkityksiä. Tämä on vanha juttu, olen hieman editoinut sitä, mutta se on tullut ehkä sekavammaksi. Nyt kun Oikofix toimii hyvin, sinne voi copypastata otsikon ja ryhtyä tutkimaan sitä...

Kilpailumaailma -

Like Army. Facebook-kilpailu. Esitä kysymys noitavainoista. Arvotaan Aleksi Peuran kirja Jumalan viholliset. Kilpailu päättyy 23.02.2018.

life2go.net -

Jabra Elite 65t vs QCY Q29 truly wireless earbuds dumell Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:16 The Chinese QCY Q29 wireless earbuds are about as cheap as they get - I got them for exactly €20 from Aliexpress. The brand new Jabra Elite 65t are among the best truly wireless earbuds you can buy today and I paid €195 for them. Apart from the price, the difference between the two are surprisingly small. Let's compare. Just looking at the boxes and opening them up might make you think the QCY headphones are...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Bright and beautiful day up here! Crisp and sunny, but truly, very cold! These winter pictures are from quite close by, but higher up than what we are. Our trees don’t look like this as we are further down. Look at those poor snow-covered trees, it is hard to picture that the trees are there under all that snow and ice. I have kept crocheting the second side of the cushion cover I showed you last time. I love this join as you go -method and the...

Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary -

Vuodenajan kuvia. Helmipakkasella sää voi olla helmeän kirkas, kuten tässä vuoden 2006 helmikuun loppupuolen kuvassa Värriötunturista kohti Korvatunturia. Photos of the season. In February calm, cold weather, the arctic visibility can be amazing, like here in the latter half of February 2006. Photo from Varriotunturi fell towards Korvatunturi fell (Santa Claus fell).

Cholegh -

Tuhannen ajatuksen kyyneltäjä - The Artisan of the Tears of a Thousand Thoughts Päättyvä viikko on ollut jälleen niin täynnä huikeiden hetkien ja surkeiden tuntien vuoristorataa, että jälleen tästä jatkuvasta vatkauksesta ylös ja alas tulee taustalla vaanivaa elämän matkapahoinvointia. Jostain syystä eniten on kuitenkin kyrsinyt aivan yksinkertaisten asioiden muuttuminen (tai oikeammin: muuttaminen) äärimmäisen monimutkaisiksi ihan vain siksi, että kukaan ei tiedä tai...

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

I just realized that, that I could send Valentine's Day cards. I didn't want to buy a ready card, so I decided to make the cards myself. As always, the idea came out of hands ^^ In Finland Valentine's Day is actually translated as " Friends Day", so I made two cards for my two best friends. I bought a lot of cardboard where I cut two big cards. I also bought other supplies like Glitter Glue, so I glued to the cards everything what just came to my mind. I also ordered some photographs about me...

AdvertiZerZ Online -

AdvertiZerZ Online is a website dedicated to provide helpful tools for beginning online marketers. This is the blogversion of the site.

Susannas Travels -

Välimeren kiertäjänä ajattelin tehdä myös koosteen parhaimmiksi kokemistani rannoista tähän mennessä. Minulle merkkaa se onko ranta puhdas vai roskia, onko merivesi läpikuultavaa (jotta näen pohjaan ja onko kaloja). Myös hiekka saa olla puuterimaista. Sisilian monipuoliset rannat. Näitä on monenlaisia: sinisellä vedellä ja turkoosilla kohteesta riippuen, löytyy hiekkarantoja mutta myös laavakivirantoja. Jo yhdessä pikkukohteessa voi nähdä monenlaisia rantoja. Giardini...

Soikan musajorinat -

Im back again !!!!  Almost a year long hiatus but now I will be coming on strong! I can say that from now on this blog will be more eurodance, 80´s and 90´s orientated than previously because thats the way I like it. So just sent a couple of requests for interviews so we´ll see... Glad to be back again!  

Desperatehell -

There's one Finnish alternative band that I could listen to on and on and I'm naturally speaking of Lasten Hautausmaa whom were performing here last Saturday to our delight. The gig was one of the best I have seen from them and I sensed the other people agree with me. I've seen the band many times and they have always been spectacular. I don't listen to much Finnish music, but there are a few bands which have stolen my heart for good. Two gig weekends in a row and there is coming many...

Mervi's Book reviews -

Booking through Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today, the topic is Romance freebie. I’m not really a fan of courtship romances. But I do have favorite couples, although most of the time I like them the most when they are already together […]

Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary -

Vuodenajan kuvia. Kun aurinko jo paistaa, huurre alkaa varista puista, kuin pienet timantit. Timanttisade Värriön luonnonpuistossa 13.2.2007. Photos of the season. When the sun is already shining the hoarfrost starts to drop down from the trees, like small diamonds. This diamond rain happened in Varrio Nature Reserve on 13.2.2007.

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Another week has gone by; there is more day light, the sun’s visits are more frequent, the cold spell is gone, Ruusu’s eyes are not much better than last week, but better than two weeks ago. I have spent lots of my energy cleaning and I feel happy and relieved every time I have dusted and wiped areas that are difficult to reach and require serious approach.  But, there is always but, isn’t there? My crafting life seems to suffer. I find it...

Kiasma-blogi -

Mikä yhteys on taiteilija Kris Lemsalun teoksella Star ja David Bowiella? Lemsalun Star on esillä Kiasman Meno–paluu-näyttelyssä.

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 56-61. Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Ed Benes, Alex Lei Oracle and the Black Canary are going after a CEO who is going to embezzle the funds of his own company and flee the country. Dinah does a nice job scaring him out of it but unfortunately, the man isn’t doing […]

Kiitotie -

If Cuba is shaped like a swimming crocodile, its eastern mouth smiles to travellers looking for the proverbial something different. The post Head to eastern Cuba for people and culture appeared first on Blue Wings .

Freodom -

I did a sort of stress-relieving project over the new year where I finished Bethesda games I hadn't gotten around to finishing, i.e. Skyrim, Fallout 4 and - finally! - Morrowind. With that out of the way, my next gaming project had to be another shot at Crusader Kings 2. With so many new DLCs and patches out, I figured I needed to get reacquainted with how it all works, especially now that Monks and Mystics promises to make playing in Catholic western Europe a little more interesting. I'm...

Hanna ja Leijona -

Kirjan kannesta tulee tällainen. Minun oli tarkoitus tehdä aivan yksinkertainen lavaste kuvauksiin. Aivan ihanan tapetinpalasen sain, kun olin sopimassa opetuksista Vantaan aikuisopistolla viime kesänä. Teinkin kaksihuoneisen talon alun. Olohuoneeseen oli hyvä levitellä kirjaan tulevia käsitöitä. Kuva: Sanna Peurakoski Graafinen suunnittelu: Susanna Raunio Uuni: Johanna Johansson-Sjölander, sohva: Christian Lundkvist, maljakko: Joyce Barmore-Sterk, kirjailtu tyyny: Maria Malmström...

Henri Bergius -

When building IoT systems, it is often useful to have access to data from the outside world to amend the information your sensors give you. For example, indoor temperature and energy usage measurements will be a lot more useful if there is information on the outside weather to correlate with. Thanks to the open data movement, there are many data sets available. However, many of these are hard to discover or available in obscure formats. The BIG IoT marketplace BIG IoT is an EU-funded research...

suzi9mm -

i always feel a bit odd watching Aussie tv. makes me remember our time there. and because we contemplated whether to move there or here, i guess a part of me thinks of that. not  like questioning the decisoon, but its one of those what if's, nevertheless. and cos its still a plan B for us, if things here dont work out.  a pixelated tattoo would be cool next. friday i ubered to 'my' hair salon. i learned they have a nail person as well and so i tried to book my hairdresser and the nails one...

Finnsanity - kulttuurikritiikkiä -

     NEWSWEEK: Now Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people Then why did Trump launch a missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria? NEWSWEEK.COM Johanna Aikkila   Newsweek kirjoittaja Ian Wilkie on kansainvälinen lakimies, Usa:n armeijan veteraani ja entinen intelligence community contractor. Ian Wilkie kirjoittaa kuinka Yhdysvaltojen puolustusministeri Mattis totesi, että USA:lla ei ole todisteita siitä, että S yyrian hallitus olisi käyttänyt...

Fillarikesä -

Taking part in a sportive or a race brings a rush of emotions. No wonder – for many of us it is the pinnacle of all the pre-season training and club rides. The butterflies in the stomach before the start, the strong feeling of presence e.g. during my first  Vätternrundan  ten years ago, the marvelous sense of an achievement after the finish. It doesn't mean they all end up as highlights.  My first local race  didn't turn out as great an experience as I had expected. My fitness wasn't on...

Filosofian puutarhassa -

Tammikuun tunnelmat saattoi tiivistää minunkin osaltani tähän kuvaan. Tai niin minä luulin kunnes katselin tarkemmin mitä perheen kameroihin oli kertynyt. I was just about to claim that the photo below sums up my January quite well. Then, I realized that we have taken quite a few photos lately. Joulu meni rauhallisesti, mitä nyt aattona käytiin sukuloimassa. Tein sinne pitkästä aikaa kakun, mutta energiatason mukaisesti "siitä mistä aita on matalin"-teemalla. Polka-maitosuklaakakun...

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