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A foreigner living in Finland -

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see that the flag was hoisted outside my window and I began to wonder what the reason for the flagging was.To my awe I found out it was not printed in neither one of my calendars, and I do have two printed Finnish calendars, so turning to the news made me wiser. Today is an optional flagging day, that means it is only recommended to flag and not

My Dear Hard Drive -

This place in my head is a miserable squalor! I thought as I couldn’t get things done. I couldn’t find anything, didn’t find a place for anything. Nothing looked right! Avoiding it for too long, My life guides insisting my junk was not needed, I’d shoved things back into the…

Maajon Maailma -

  Season cat, spring Pattern from The Best Of Margaret Sherry. Started 15/01/2012 and finished 11/01/2015. Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.

Leikkaan -

Hei, tänään jaksoin jo vähän väritellä, käsittelyyn pääsivät ensiksi Bugaboon pupujussit. Kuva oli pitkänmallinen, joten tästä sai oivasti kabinet- kokoisen kortin. Hi, finally some coloring today. I started with (my new) Bugaboo's Spring Bunnies.  As the image is quite long, I decided to do a cabinet -size card. First I thought it would be simple one, but somehow somebody has added tape and stickers and pearls.... Image is coloured with Promarkers and text stamp is Penny...

Mirdi -

Pyh, mikään break ole. Siis lomaa. Mutta silti spring breaks.. pikkuhiljaa. Lumet sulaa/suli ja arska! Oltiin retkellä takkahuoneessa. Paistettiin makkaraa ja juotiin pillimehua. Kummasti sitä alkaa pikku hiljaa uuteen arkeen tottumaan. Siihen, että käy töissä ja on sitten vasta kotona. Osin siitä on kiittäminen tota aurinkoa tai yleisesti valoisuutta. Ei ole enää niin väsynyt ja masentunut kun menee pimeässä töihin ja palaa pimeässä. Nyt jaksaa mennä töidenkin jälkeen...

SO lovely EUROPE -

stockholmMeet the Spring in the Stockholm!From 06.04 to 29.04.2005 the special deal with ship Baltic Kristina. Prices from 39 LV.You can find more information about it on this site. If you have made up your mind to spend holidays in Latvia or have a meeting with business partners in Riga, if your colleagues, friends or family want to travel to the Baltic States and have chosen ferry Baltic

Lauttasaaren Shakkikerho -

I won the 2017 Spring Cup. It was the second time I won the tournament, the last time being in Spring 2015. No money for the winner, but a much more valuable (in my eyes) painting that he gets to keep until the next tournament. This painting has been around since the 1990's and has the name of the winner of each cup written on the back of it. A truly historic piece of memorabilia. I'm relieved to have won it back as my apartment is in desperate need of some decoration! Group Stages Petri...

My life in Porto -

Sateinen paiva tanaan, mutta viikonloppuna oli kaunis "kevatpaiva"...ja luonto heraamassa talviunilta! Ihanaa kevaanodotusta !

suzi9mm -

oh dear the temp here is 24c today, much like Madrid on sunday. i returned yesterday but still feel a bit tired and confused. we were really efficient though, Karin & me, and i feel like we got a good general idea of Madrid in our 2.5 days there.   doing shopping today, dress from Madrid :) was delighted to find Icelandic show Case on channel4. i started reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari , after Arttu's recommendation. i might not agree with everything or i am too eager to look for loops...

Yritys ilman yhteystietoja -

Jumaliste! BOB ei näköjään ole ainut, joka on kevään mittaan ns. polttanut päreensä yliopistouudistajien päähänpistoille. Tosin nyt kun aurinko paistaa, voi polttolasin alle asettaa jo muutakin kuin yliopistotoimintaa väheksyvät kaikenmaailman “kuuskasien” nostalgisoijat. Yrityksen saaman tiedon mukaan päreensä polttaneiden tummaan joukkoon on liittynyt myös valkolakkimatriarkka Minna Canth. Minna tosin tarvitsi hiukan auttavaa kättä. (Kuollut kuin kivi, […]

haave - dream -

Spring is here and it is time to have breakfast at the patio.

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  Värikollaasit #71 Color Collage              Filed under: color collages, Helsinki, nature, sea/meri Tagged: color collage, Finland, Helsinki, In colour, nature, photos, sea

Secret Wardrobe -

Olen kehunut aiemmin TREATin kynsilakkoja, jotka ovat olleet jo reilun vuoden verran aktiivisessa käytössäni, mutta vasta nyt tulin tutustuneeksi merkin

Leikkaan -

Hei, hui olipa kylmä pääsiäinen! Korttini kuitenkin lupailee kevättä. Vielä ehdit osallistua huhtikuun Penny Black and More haastee seen: aiheena kevät ( + leimasin). Hi, we had so cold Easter time! My second Dt card has a promise of "Spring"! You have still time to make and entry to Penny Black and More April Challenge, remember to stamp!  DT Card Info:  Stamp: Penny Black 1466K You are Bestest Mediums: Zig Clean Color Real Brush watercolour markers, white Sharpie pen Lace and seam...

Shake Ur Kitty -

Tosi mukava nähdä kun viimein aurinkokin paistaa! Ja tätähän ollaan odoteltu, eikä kadutkaan, ainakaan täälläpäin, ole enää edes loskaisia! Kohta saa vetäistä kevätpopoja jalkaan, joita olenkin metsästellyt jo aika kasan komeroihini.(voisin lähiakoina esitellä niitä) Mutta sitä ennen esittelen uudet aurinkolasini, jotka nappasin mukaan H&M:ältä eilen:) Elikkä nämä tarttui mukaan. Tuollaisia valkoisia olen jo halunnut pidempäänkin. Hintaa löytyi 5,90, sekä ruskeat...

Light Scrape -

Red Gray The photographs were taken in Petikko on May 7th. Chaos seems to be in charge in the United States. The leaders of the Republican Party say "In God We Trust", but the God they worship is an evil one, reflecting the evil within themselves. (Posting title is from the poem The Good God and the Evil God by Kahlil Gibran.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3 Flower 4 Flower 5 The photographs were taken on June 4th. I took almost 5,000 photographs while traveling to Lapland. I have imported the photographs to the iMac, but it will take some time to go through them, especially as I had almost 2,000 photographs already waiting for processing. (Posting title is from the poem Bald Eagle Count by Jack Collom.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Field 1 Field 2 The photographs were taken at Sipoonkorpi on May 25th with an iPhone SE. Today I didn't get wet when riding the bicycle. There was an intense hail shower with thunder, but that happened before I started commuting back home. (Posting title is from the poem Vivas To Those Who Have Failed: The Paterson Silk Strike, 1913 by Martín Espada.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3 The photographs were taken at Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor area in Hyvinkää on May 13th. Today the temperature rose to 22 °C in the afternoon. There was 8 m/s backwind when commuting by bicycle. Sometimes it is just too easy. (Posting title is from the poem Democracy by Dorianne Laux.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Snow 1 Snow 2 Snow 3 The photographs were taken on April 30th. Looking at the United States, one must wonder about the mafia-type structures which are becoming more and more apparent. Trump is completely immersed in this rot and dirtiness, as well as the Republican Party. Where is the land of freedom and opportunity these days? Another thing which is apparent about the corruption is how the United States has turned away from the motto "In God We Trust". Trump and his minions, as well as the...

Light Scrape -

Snow 1 Snow 2 Snow 3 The photographs were taken in Petikko on April 30th. In five days I got 11 1/2 hours of exercise, enjoying the landscape of late spring and early summer. Today I'm planning to take it a little easier. During the winter my weight got up 5 kg, but now it is coming nicely down again. Yesterday I wrote about the danger and stupidity of Trump and his administration. When I woke up this morning and read the news about Jared Kushner and the back-channel to Kremlin, I wasn't...

Light Scrape -

Anemone The photograph was taken on May 7th in Petikko. It is really quite extraordinary that a stupid and dangerous clown is acting as the President of the United States. One shudders what can happen when a man with so diminutive capabilities, without any compassion, needs to make decisions. There is no other way to save the planet than to #resist. (Posting title is from the song We Shall Overcome by Bruce Springsteen.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Blue 1 Blue 2 The photographs were taken on May 6th. I have taken over 52,000 photographs with the second Panasonic LX100, but I'm lagging behind with the processing. Today there are over 4,000 photographs waiting. (Posting title is from the poem Bean Spasms by Ted Berrigan.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

yellow house studio -

Spring is finally here. No more frosty nights or snowfall. How glorious! I used a floral stencil with baby blue Marabou texture paste, then colored the flowers with pearlized water color and used some washi tape and Infusions for the background. Infusions is a pigmented powder that gets reactivated with sprays or splashes of water. The result is always a surprise, it seems to have a life of its own. One challenge asks for my superpower. I think it's making a glorious mess, ha ha. I just love...

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone! Thanks for your kind and supportive words last week! ♥ This week has been better even if I almost ate a dental implant screw. It’s back again…oh boy. But otherwise life is good!

Light Scrape -

Forest 1 Forest 2 The photographs were taken at Luukki on May 1st. This morning the temperature was 6 °C when I commuted by bicycle, and I needed to use winter clothing. On the way home there was a hail shower. (Posting title is from the song "Liar Liar" by Captain SKA.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Frog The photograph was taken in Luukki on May 6th. Today the temperature was 3 °C in the morning and 8 °C in the afternoon. When riding the bicycle back home there was strong headwind, 12 m/s, and in gusts up to 18 m/s. The road was littered by twigs and branches fallen from trees. It seems that Trump has three main activities (between the tweets): obey commands from Putin and Russia (and their minions and collaborators) grab pots of money (preferably while playing golf) destroy the federal...

Light Scrape -

Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3 The photographs were taken on May 7th in Petikko. Last week I got 11 hours of exercise, most of it when commuting by bicycle. I took a rest day on Saturday. Today it felt good to ride the bicycle, even though it was raining in the afternoon. I admire the attitude of the British people in their approach to terrorism. During the weekend I reserved flights and hotel rooms for visiting London with the children during the summer vacation. We'll spend almost a week there, but it...

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