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40+ blogit -

08.09.2017 saa Tampereella ensi-iltansa suurmusikaali Cats. Pääsin ennakkoon tutustumaan tähän Andrew Lloyd Webberin luomukseen, jonka Tampereelle on ohjannut Georg Malvius. Näin Catsin kymmenisen vuotta sitten Lahdessa, joten vähän oli vertailupohjaa… The post Cats Tampereen Teatterissa appeared first on Nelkytplusblogit .

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Hi you all! For days, I have been hunting for a perfect, quiet time to sit down at the desk and share some of the things I have been making and to share pictures of them… To find the right mindset, to gather thoughts, to collect right words has been almost impossible. There never seems to be long enough stretch of time for that. Today I realized how long it has been since I updated the blog and decided just to gather up some words and then hit...

Poikakuoro -

1.) Stray Cats: Gonna Ball 2.) David Bowie: Absolute Beginners Dub Mix 3.) Solsidan-boxit 4.) Kylmä Coca-Cola 5.) Pääsiäisherkut (tämän pitäisi oikeastaan olla ykkösenä!) 

Susannas Travels -

Mihin Kreikassa? matkavinkkejä Kreikkaan ja kohdeideoita. Kreikassa on lukuisia käymisen arvoisia kohteita. Tässä ideoita ja muutama video jutun alla. Mykonos ja Milos (kuvassa Mykonos). Mykonos on vielä keväällä rauhallinen, rento ja aurinkoinen saari jossa näet kauniita bougainville kukkakujia, kissoja ja kristallinkirkkaan meren. Taianomaiset kukkakujat ja valkoiset talot vuoren rinteillä ihastuttaa. Mykonos ei ollut viime keväänä täynnä turisteja ja tunnelma oli kivan...

visually rock -

I had been dreaming of shooting an open air festival at some point. I didn't really know how to get a photo pass to any festival (except for Rocknight, which isn't an open air, haha)... So I was going to the Rocksound festival in Huttwil, Switzerland, with my friends anyway and since Ensiferum was playing there I decided I'd try and ask them if they could help me out with the pass and I'd give them photos in return. And against all my expectations I soon got a message from Markus where he said...

Whole Lotta Love -

I was entertaining myself with online window shopping and bumped into pixelgirlshop . Blimey! I'de love to get these for Somebody! MEIN GOTT! Also this Elegant Pearl Necklace for Cats would be a perfect! ;) I've been so busy with Saaga lately. EP is coming out soon, gigs are almost booked around (which is the hardest part and I don't have internet computer to check my mails daily, which makes everything so hard!), yadiyaa...I have so much to do at school and it stress me out that I have no...

skitsoneito sketch journal -

Yeeeaah......... more hetalia fan art. including sweden and finland russia and belarus greece... and cats :'D skin Sweden and Finland. inspired by Passion Pit's "sleepyhead" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bfseWNmlds which i've been listening for days and days without getting bored with it :'D hahaha i just had to draw a blanket like that x'D su-san and finland sitting outside after sauna. i'll hopefully finish this soon, it reminds me a lot of summer~~~ *snort* um.... :'''''D an idea of a fan...

Kaarina’s beads, cross stitch and cats -

We moved to our summerhome on Saturday. At first there were only Ari and me. As we had to cut the grass from our yard before we could take our kitties with us. here Ari is cutting the grass with our new second hand lawnmower. Here are the wooden storcks the live on our yard. […]

Villa Blåkulla -

Tuoleilla ei istuskella. No time to sit. Hetken verran näyttää hyvältä. Looking good for a moment. Työmaa. Work in progress. Kuivan paikan kasvien kokeilupenkki. This is where I try out plants for dry places. Vietin runsaan viikon rähmälläni perennapenkeissä. Kaivoin ylös sarjatähdikkiä , Ornithogalum angustifoliumia. Sen vuoksi kukkamaani ovat keväisin kuin vihreän turkiksen peitossa, "karvat" ovat sipulikasvin lehtiä. Lehdet tehtyään se tuottaa vaatimattomia, valkoisia...

Pixie Jane -

I think I'm getting my old habit back (taking pointless photos). Taking photos is super fun, I feel like 14 again when I loved to take photos of my feet. I'm just sad that I feel more insecure about my body than I've ever felt. I feel like I'm really big and nothing looks great on me. I tried to take outfit photos but I only see how bloated and big I look and I don't want to publish photos of my body. I don't think that being ''fat'' is my biggest problem, I just hate it that I'm not confident...

Vornasblogi -

2015 was a year that saw me enjoy the best summer of my adult life and bid farewell to a bunch of people, the capital region, a relationship that came with two awesome cats, an awesome apartment and a very important corner of the net, and finished with my luck finally running out in the form of one broken neck. Continue reading →

Kynä ja sakset -

[switching to English for this post] I had the pleasure of participating in a scrapbooking event last weekend, and while there, I worked on this layout. This is my contribution for the Once Upon A...Sketch April challenge. The journaling theme of the month was "an event that changed my life...", thus the topic: the arrival of our cats and the effect they have had on our lives. The journaling - and the photos - is about how they follow each event, whether it's cleaning or re-positioning the...

knowhere -

Valokuvatorstain 153. haasteessa kerrotaan tarina. Team Mustat Kissat eli Osku ja Paha-Samuli, sekä harmaa Leevi-vanhus antaisivat aihetta moneen sarjakuvaruutuun.

Fiend without a face -

Bike porn, cool graffiti, and a perfectly posing cat. What more can a girl ask for? Seen in Istanbul, Turkey.

Whole Lotta Love -

I was entertaining myself with online window shopping and bumped into pixelgirlshop . Blimey! I'de love to get these for Somebody! MEIN GOTT! Also this Elegant Pearl Necklace for Cats would be a perfect! ;) I've been so busy with Saaga lately. EP is coming out soon, gigs are almost booked around (which is the hardest part and I don't have internet computer to check my mails daily, which makes everything so hard!), yadiyaa...I have so much to do at school and it stress me out that I have no...

dyslexia is ok here -

Bangkoking -

Hot monsoon, wet monsoon, noisy monsoon. // Toisella viikolla taivas tipahti rytinällä joka ilta.

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE H appy February!    I don’t think I have ever before been so happy to see January go! Good bye to the dark days and welcome light; even with small increments daily, it is more and more and it shows. It gave me such a pleasure to turn the page in the almanac! I have truly enjoyed your comments on the cats, thank you for all of them. When I started to make them, I thought that they would be too silly to show on the blog and for a while thought...

Postcrossing -

I've been receiving cards during the spring, but I haven't been updating this blog for a while. This tiger is from Brazil. Kitten card from Estonia. Beautiful grey cat from Great Britain. And a funny card from Lithuania.

Susannas Travels -

kissakuva. Juttua hylätyistä eläimistä matkoilla. Useinhan niitä näkee, ihan jo vaikka Kreikassa , Italiassa tai Suomea lähellä Virossa. Hylättyjä eläimiä on myös monenlaisia: osa joilla kaulapanta voivat olla vasta hylättyjä ja saada ruokaa kuten Ateenan satamassa, mutta on myös täysin oman onnensa nojassa olevia eläimiä kuten kodittomat kissat Campaniassa jotka söivät roskiksista. Tietysti joku voi ajatella että myös ihmisiä on kodittomina ja surkeissa oloissa, niin...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

The Reckless Age (US 1924), D: Harry Pollard, with John Steppling, Ruth Dwyer, Reginald Denny. Photo: Bison Archives / Marc Wanamaker. The Reckless Age (US 1924), D: Harry Pollard, with Ruth Dwyer, Reginald Denny. Photo: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto (2017). (L’età frenetica), (US 1924), D: Harry Pollard, scen: Rex Taylor, [Edward T. Lowe, Jr.?], from the novel by Earl Derr Biggers (1914), titles: Tom Miranda, photog: William Fildew, cast: Reginald Denny (Dick Minot), Ruth Dwyer (Cecilia...

Postcrossing -

The mailman delivered these two cards last week. The cat card is from Norway and the other one is from Portugal.

suzi9mm -

i think we are getting old, we are thinking of going to Tenerife this november. originally we had more exotic ideas, Marrakech flights are the same price after all! but temperatures are better in Tenerife, especially in the evenings. and yes it matters. maybe Marrackech is better when its properly warm? i have been to canary islands before but not very seriously. now im really like ok, we want a pool, we want this, we want that...  just comparing options. so i watched Hitman's Bodyguard . not...

Oppitori -

Suomenkielisiäkin idiomeja ja fraaseja löytyi netistä yllättävän hyvin, mutta englanninkieli se varsinainen idiomikieli on, tosin joku väitti, että It rains cats and dogs -ilmausta käytettiin viimeksi edellisellä vuosisadalla. Nämä ovat ihan hakujen kärjessä: The Idiom Connection , voi tietysti katsoa löytääkö suomalaisen vastineen IdiomSite Tässä on sivusto , jossa on sekä suomen- että englanninkielinen osasto, sanontoja on. Englanninkielisiä idiomeja, selityksiä...

Evil Dressmaker -

Joulukalenteria ei voi olla ilman kissakuvia. Joten tässä sääntömääräinen Taku. Näyttäisi sille, että katti ei ole ollut muutosta moksiskaan. Päinvastoin. Vanhaan tuttuun tapaan kylmä sauna on hyvä paikka torkkua ja sinne mennään myös jälkilöylyihin köllöttämään. Myös viime jouluksi saadun raapimistelineen mökki ja meidän sänky ovat suosikkipaikkoja ottaa torkkuja. Harmikseni lintuja ei ihan hirveästi ole näkynyt, […]

Mental Asylum -

Brothers weddings tomorrow. I'll be reading the corintian letter thingy about love and stuff in the church. Exciting... I'm actually pretty nervous. And so happy for them. Next week: Big school project ends, more work to be done, octet training, last real choir practice before the concert, brothers wedding dance for friends and our octet performance! Then it's the spring concertto week and we visit digital chocolate with game design group! Then... summer 'holiday'. I'm hopefully working 2/3...

punk apple -

Ellie using her iPad , originally uploaded by uninorth13 . Yep, that is 'the girl', Ellie. Using the her iPad.

suzi9mm -

Istanbul trip done. certainly a first world prob but it made me so tired... its the conundrum of wanting to see all my friends but that requires scheduling and makes things busy and exhausting. anyway, met friends, old neighbors, ate some nice foods and enjoyed the sceneries and weather. kadiköy was pretty much the way we left it, it was lovely to be back. Arttu also joined us for 5 days, its not just us who missed istanbul :D our our home has become a  studio for dance, music etc. i bet the...

Ei oo totta. Bisnes-, markkinointi- ja konsultointiblogi -

Kävimme neljän hengen porukalla katsomassa Tampereen teatterin Cats-musikaalia torstaina. Hesari oli hehkuttanut kissaesitystä jo aiemmin, joten odotukset olivat korkealla. Jo väliajalla totesimme, että liput olivat hintansa väärtejä. Pelkkä ensimmäinen puoliaika antoi niin paljon, että minulle oli ihan sama, vaikka näyttelijät olisivat pelanneet sudokua seuraavan puoliajan. Oli kuin olisi ostanut kultalankaa polyesterin hinnalla. Toisen puoliajan kohokohta... Read more »

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