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Rakkauden Ministeriö -

Books: Primo Levi: If this is a man? Art Spiegelman: Maus J. E. Salomaa: Friedrich Nietzsche Film: Michael Haneke: Time of the wolf I read a book about a nazi destruction camp. It was Christmas. I was lying next to my wife, not being able to sleep and thought about the surreality of the moment. Of all these loving, caring people around me. This is all going to end, I thought to myself. Make yourself tough and strong, for the destruction will come. You should not fear the suffering, for the...

suzi9mm -

at the ER in doctors hospital (and possibly all hospitals in UK, not sure) they assign every patient to one doctor. so then it is that doctors responsibility, and typically they work on just patient at a time. since everything is quite bureucratic and slow, simply changing an antibiotics prescription could take an hour easily. not to mention more difficult issues that require CT scans etc. but so, during one shift, an ER doctor may work on 3-7 patients. now, since one patient could take 2-3...

bohemia demi sec -

Oh, it is already August. The summer has been filled with lazy breakfasts, sunny brunches, outdoor luncheons, bubbly picnics, dinners, night-snacks and other delicate eatings but even bigger laziness has occurred when it comes to reporting, let alone photographing them. I will return later, when the cold winds blow outside. There are veggie restaurant reviews from Gothenburg, Moscow (still

The Freelancer's Fashionblog -

Some time ago I watched the film Sayat-Nova / The Colour of Pomegranates. It is a1968 Soviet film written and directed by Sergei Parajanov that tells the story bout Sayat Nova, the Armenian 18th century poet and musician. It describes his life symbolically and poetically via his works, often with an allegoric meaning, rather than presenting the events told in a form that we are used to. This did not result in a very amicable reception from Soviet officials the time; the name of the film was...

Delft Daily Photo -

Today I went to feed the duckies with my daughter and just in case took my camera with me. I've been struggling a little with this blog lately, but for some reason I felt inspired today and so we did a massive walk and saw a little of this and a little of that. Here are the highlights of our walk today: First, the inspiring duck. Wooden shoes, what else. And I also saw another cliché: windmills. We have internet since today , it said and the whole place was filled with people and their...

Bella-blogit -

♡ Lumi! En olisi ikinä uskonut sanovani tätä, mutta rakastan tällä hetkellä lunta. Ikkunasta se näyttää niin ihanalta ja mikä valontuoja se onkaan! Pssst,

The Freelancer's Fashionblog -

Since this autumn I've been following dancer Lil Buck on social media in total awe. Very inspirational and madly beautiful movement.

Part of my world -

I have been pondering the world of blogs during these slow summer days. You see these different awards that are handed out to different bloggers, with titles such as "beautiful blogger" or "best blog". I decided to give out my own "inspiring blog" honor compliments, because we compliment people way too little. I've come to notice, that the blogs I enjoy the most, are written by those, who I personally know. No suprise there, I guess. With the summer being here, most of these people don't post...

Ibid's bread -

The dough contains 1 kg rye, 1 kg water, 300 grams sourdough culture and 5 grams salt. I let it ferment for eleven hours, and then baked it in a pan with a lid on at 120 °C for 24 hours. The flavor is strongly reminiscent of chocolate – and there's only a mild suggestion of charring. Taikinassa on kilo ruista, kilo vettä, 300 grammaa hapanjuurta ja 5 grammaa suolaa. Annoin sen käydä 11 tuntia ja sitten paistoin sitä vuorokauden ajan 120 asteessa kannellisessa pannussa. Maku on...

Hasbun kolo -

New Year’s Day is perfect for slow cooking. Pulled pork burgers and a polka dot cheesecake. Utterly satisfying.

The Real Encyclopedia -

Question: Why hasn´t there been any new Q&A´s during the past month? Answer: The problem is that at the moment most of the problems in this world are solved. I have spent the last month trying to create more problems so that the demand for this type of encyclopedia would remain. Other option would be to expand this to other galaxies which still have unsolved problems. I haven´t decided which road I will follow. Fortunately, I can guarantee that the problem solving continues. NEWSLETTER I...

TAMK School of Art and Media -

During my last week in the amazing city of Berlin and within all the art and cultural happenings, I was pleased to meet with our head of Fine Art study path, Fanni Niemi-Junkola ; presenting her new video work. The installation The Body and Protection consists of two video works Breath and Protection (2016). The artist is interested in presence, body and power & notions of freedom and safety. The moment I received her invitation via Facebook I messaged her immediately and I asked if I can come...

Viisas arki -

1 Hidasta vauhtia ja tarkista suunta. Mahdatko elää omanlaistasi elämää? Mikä on sinun antamaton lahjasi maailmalle tässä ajassa? Miten maailma sinun ansiostasi muuttuu?Jos lama, loma tai sairaus jättää sinut armollisesti työttömäksi, käytä aikasi tämän asian selvittämiseen. Mahdollisuutesi on tullut. 2 Antaudu unelmasi vietäväksi, voit tuntea miten saat lisää virtaa. 3 Näytä mitä tarvitset. Etsi kumppanit. Näytä mihin pystyt. Näytä kuka olet.

TAMK School of Art and Media -

During my last week in the amazing city of Berlin and within all the art and cultural happenings, I was pleased to meet with our head of Fine Art study path, FanniNiemi-Junkola ; presenting her new video work. The installation The Body and Protection consists of two video works Breath and Protection (2016). The artist is interested in presence, body and power & notions of freedom and safety.  The moment I received her invitation via Facebook I messaged her immediately and I asked if I can come...

Kellarihirviön kuulumiset -

Mä vihaan joulua. Se ei liity mitenkään tähän kirjoitukseen, mutta tulipahan vain lumesta mieleen. Vauhtia pitää nyt hidastaa kirjaimellisesti. Lumi on satanut ja minä en uskalla ajaa enää polkupyörällä. Ajoinhan minä pyörällä viime talvenakin, mutta se liukastelu aina hirvittää näin aluksi. Olen jälleen selviytynyt yhdestä viikonlopusta käymättä missään. Tilannetta helpotti se, että siskon kanssa soittelin perjantai-iltana ja se, että sain oikein vieraita...

Is This (photographic) Art? -

Ran into the concept of artworld and its interesting definitions. One specifically caught my attention, namely one by Howard Becker ( Art Worlds . Berkley : University of California Press, 1982). The basic idea is that artworlds are communities of networked individuals and that art is collective actions within the community. To blend in some Forrest Gump - Art is what artist does, sir! Thinking it like this makes it easier to accept that there no (and can't be) specifiq measures on defined...

Gastromaniat -

Bloginpitäjä on aina ajan hermolla ja tapahtumista mielellään voisi postata reaaliaikaisesti itse paikan päältä?  Voisi joo.. Ihailen niitä, joilla oikeasti löytyy tähän aikaa - itse en läheskään aina  siihen  pysty.  Ajattelinpa siis lanseerata ihan laajempaankin käyttöön " slowbloggauksen " jalon taidon eli tässä vähän satoa siitä viikonlopusta, kun rautatientorilla Suomi kokoontui herkuttelemaan ja Ruukissa vietettiin Maan maut -ruokatapahtumaa. Loistavia tyyppejä...

Sairaan rakas elämä -

Viime vuosikymmenen lopulla nousi mediaan slow life -ilmiö, jolle kaupunkitutkija Timo Kopomaa keksi hauskan suomennoksen leppoistaminen. Kopomaa julkaisi aiheesta kirjan Leppoistamisen tekniikat . Minä sain työpaikalleni yllättävän puhelun taustatoimittaja Raimo Vakkurilta, joka etsi keskustelijaa Hilla Blombergin Aamusydämellä-ohjelmaan käsittelemään leppoistamista. Lupasin saman tien tulla mukaan. Perusteena osallistumiselleni oli vuonna 2004-2005 pitämäni sapattivuosi, josta...

Finn and the City -

I’m an awful blogger these days. But honestly, there hasn’t been much to blog about. I just work, surf the net, watch movies off the mini laptop (with external HD) and sleep. The contract ended today, flying back tomorrow. I’ll … Continue reading →

Pujoliivi -

Jostain sattui silmän termi slow knitting. Tämä on varmaan sitä jos mikä. Aloittelin tätä helmikuussa (tänä vuonna kuitenkin), keväthankien ollessa parhaimmillaan. Tavoitteena oli saada paita valmiiksi ennen (seuraavia) lumia. Ja kas, näin kävi! Paita on valmis eikä lunta vielä näy! Eikä vielä tarvitse tullakaan, jos kainosti saa toivoa. Harmaa pohjaväri oli itsestään selvä valinta, mutta raitaväriä pohdin ystävänkin kanssa viinilasin äärellä. Aluksi minulla oli...

Junkie and Whore -

From time to time, there's a freak appearing to the scene of my escort sex-life. And I totally love them. Coz they pay good money, and coz they're something different, something new, something other than the bang-bang-thank-you-ma'am. Actually, exactly for these freaks I started my escort life, long time ago when it wasn't just about money and next dose. So, there's this guy I've met like an year ago, The Doctor.He's 30-something, not very good looking but not ugly either, he just doesn't have...

pretty monday -

I had no clue who she was, but I absolutely fell in love with her portraits and had no choice but to buy a collage sheet of her pictures . Now I know that she was a dancer and a great beauty also recognized by artists like Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustav Klimt . So I started a series of collages inspired by Cléo de Mérode. They're not actually pure collages since I also use image transfer and painting (gesso and brown ink). But anyway, this is how they look now. The process still continues...

BLOGitse -

  This April has been very interesting. One day it’s sunny, next day snowy, the following rainy…   Look at these images     Sunday 23.4.2017   it was nice and dry to have ‘a forest walk’       Wet snowfall Tuesday 25.4.2017       Tired Grape hyacinths Tuesday 25.4.2017       […]

Erikas -

Here is some amazing outfits worn by some of my favorite models: Man I really want to buy a new blazer, dark grey jeans leggings, an new vest and some seriously cool booties. Unfortunately I gotta save money for my upcoming years in USA. So now reason to invest to any clothings..

The Freelancer's Fashionblog -

Last Sunday we turned our studio into interstellar space -or intergalactic if you so like- they way it would look if an, umm, elementary school or some kind of vaudevillian basement theatre put up a play about space. We really wanted it to look adorably crappy on one hand with our small self made planets and things hanging by the help of string and clothes pins but on the other hand still keep it on the right side of being deliberately camp (the way we like it) as well as to function as the...

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Walee.com . Good way to start a new year. Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Pop-ups! They're Not JUST for Kids from Bowdoin College on Vimeo . Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Marilyn Monroe Book Blog -

Please scroll down to read the review in English Museo Salvatore Ferragamo Firenzessä, Italiassa järjesti vuonna 2012 Marilyn-näyttelyn, jossa nähtiin kenkien lisäksi muun muassa Marilynin vaatteita. Näyttelyn pohjalta koostettiin kirja, nimeltään yksinkertaisen ytimekkäästi Marilyn. Kyseessä ei ole mikään ohut näyttelykatalogi, vaan suurikokoinen kuvateos, joka sisältää myös esseitä ja pohdintaa ilmiöstä nimeltä Marilyn. Esseet vaihtelevat tasoltaan paljonkin. Esimerkiksi...

BLOGitse -

    Hi everyone! We’ve had a beautiful, sunny week! wow! Every morning I’ve painted something and then enjoyed sunbathing in our terrace…   I’ve put more layers on this canvas – now it looks like this, not complete yet.       Paint Party Friday     I’ve played with coffee. A few coffee […]

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