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li-arrow.gif Hae uutisista sanalle the depths of winter

Hundredpics -

All Lapland was nicely covered by frost some days ago when I was driving through.

GeoLog -

A couple weeks ago, on a Sunday, I got out to the beeyard here in St. Paul, I needed to check the hives.  In November of 2016, during the just-before-winter-hive-check, we had two fairly strong hives – they were strong enough and had produced enough honey that we were comfortable harvesting honey from these hives. […]

Light Scrape -

Tree 1 Tree 2 The photographs were taken on December 9th. Depth of snow is now 21 cm, and it feels like winter. I didn't commute by bicycle today, using the train instead. The weather forecast promises a little bit of new snow for tomorrow, but I'm planning to commute by bicycle anyway, hoping that the paths are okay for riding the bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem Sonnet 30: When to the sessions of sweet silent thought by William Shakespeare.) Posted by Juha Haataja at...

Light Scrape -

Snow 1 Snow 2 The photographs were taken on February 21st while visiting Timmermalmi nature protection area. I noticed that Finland was being discussed in the United States, due to our health care system which has been extremely cost-efficient compared to the way health care is organised in the United States. Of course, fairness and value-for-money are not the only criteria in health care, but the proposal put forward by Trump and his minions makes me shudder - massive tax breaks to the richest...

Apertoire -

It was -24 C in Finland during my xmas holiday there but it did not prevent me from photographing. Cold weather like that just requires some preparations. The most important one for your gear is to prevent condensation. Condensation happens when cold camera is brought indoors. Fog appears on lens surfaces etc and that moist can damage your camera internals as well. Preventing condensation is simple. You need put a camera inside a plastic bag before entering indoors. Wrapping camera inside a bag...

Light Scrape -

Skull The photograph was taken on March 18th. I changed tires to my daughters' bicycles today. My own bicycle still has studded winter tires, and I'll wait until Easter to change. (Posting title is from the song “Where the bee sucks, there suck I” by William Shakespeare.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Optimismia ja energiaa -

Talvet ovat nykyään niin onnettomia varsinkin etelässä, että olen viettänyt joulunpyhät hokemalla upeasta kelistä. Lunta on Jyväskylässä valtavasti ja pakkasta

Light Scrape -

Fallen 1 Fallen 2 The photographs were taken at Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor are in Hyvinkää on December 28th. I commuted by bicycle today. There was snow and ice on the road, but it was not bad with the studded winter tires. The depth of snow is now 5 cm, so the landscape looks like winter. (Posting title is from the poem New Water by Sharon Chmielarz.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

The Freelancer's Fashionblog -

I guess we are at that point of the year again when small whispers and hints about a possible arriving spring start showing up in blogs on the northern hemisphere.  That, and the time when I start mentioning that I probably should wash my windows... But it's a big thing here, always, when the long winter ends and the light starts coming back (and it easily sounds all Game of Thrones when you talk about that..). We're at the yo-yo season where snow melts and returns again and those lighter...

Makarios K -

Musiikkilaitemessut Winter NAMM 2011 oli taas areena jossa esiteltiin valtavasti uusia laitteita ja ohjelmistoja musiikin tekemiseen ja esittämiseen. Suurin kuhina käytiin Apple iPad ohjelmien ja oheislaitteiden ympärillä. Tein listan tapahtumassa esitellyistä uusista iPad-tuotteista. AKAI Pro SynthStation49 Alesis StudioDock for iPad Numark iDJ Live controller for iPad MixVibes U-Mix Remote for iPad Eyosido Software eyoControl for iPad Griffin StompBox Pedal Controller for iPad Tascam...

Blogger: Sisältövaroitus -

Huh huh, olipa "back 2 work"-päivä. Tylsää, kuin mikään, onneksi mua piristi pieni H&M paketti, missä tilasin kaikkea kivaa, ja pidin siitä vain muutaman kappaleen. Laitanpa oikein kuva tänne, ettei homma menee ihan tylsyyden puolelle :) Ihanan kesäisen mekon (kuvassa). Sää alkaa muuttua kammottavaksi. Sen lisäksi, että on pimeää, Räntä tuulee JOKA suunnasta , eri nopeudella. Liukasta joka nurkan takaa..KYLMÄ ja MÄRKÄÄ! Tälläistäkö on sitten seuraavat 7kuukautta...

Light Scrape -

Snow The photograph was taken on March 25th. This morning I walked two hours in Nuuksio, circling around lake Kattilajärvi. Birds were singing, woodpeckers were knocking, and ice was moaning. It is spring. Yesterday I changed summer tires to the car. One tire was stuck and it took a while to get it loose. Today I changed summer tires to the bicycle, doing some cleaning and repairs as well. The front tire is a bit worn, and I pondered whether I should replace it with a new tire, but I guess the...

Julia Prusi -

Throw Pillows for Redbubble 2 years ago by Julia & Perttu Prusi If you live in a region where the seasons change dramatically (like here in Finland), you might want to change the interiors of your home in keeping with the varying landscape. You can have a fresh, new look to your home every few months. Warm up your home for the winter season with these throw pillows to give your space a whole new feel. Throw Pillows for Redbubble 2 years ago by Julia & Perttu Prusi Kicksled Throw Pillow ...

Light Scrape -

Snow 1 Snow 2 The photographs were taken on February 21st. I thought today about Iain M. Banks' science fiction novels about the Culture, which is an interstellar utopian society. In some of the novels the Culture encounters less advanced civilisations, and gets involved in rather tricky situations in which there is no straightforward answer on how to proceed. What is happening in the United States feels almost like a plot of a Culture novel, in which an alien civilisation tries to manipulate...

Morpheus och fuglane -

Believe it or not, I've gotten started pretty well with my Project Home! So here's the latest picture of my vestibule, along with a few words about steps 1 and 2 in that area (see the previous photo and explanation here ). Step 1: - cleaning out the table and leaving only stuff that I want to have there (for example my keys) or that are on their way somewhere (soon). - moving a few boxes and other stuff into my storage cabinet (also, I organized that cabinet as well, as a bonus!). - moving the...

Desperatehell -

On Sunday morning I jumped on a bus and traveled to my favorite area of the city where I actually resided before (or really close it). It was such a beautiful and glacial weather and the trees looked dreamy. I have tried to take every moment over the beautiful nature when for once it is a decent winter. I could be photographing all the time, but obligations are calling. Tomorrow this all is probably gone if there is some belief in a forecast which promised plus degrees.   As a smart girl I...

The Spirit of Abundance -

to all of you, who like me, and for what ever reason, might be missing some of these wintery joys.   all images from Pinterest I have such a great feeling about this year.  Here's to an amazing 2012!

Light Scrape -

Swamp 1 Swamp 2 The photographs were taken at Oittaa on December 26th. Almost all snow has melted away. There was a little bit of ice left on the road in the morning, so the studded winter tires were useful when commuting by bicycle. So far this year I have got 334 km riding the bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem Is My Team Ploughing by A. E. Housman.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Street 1 Street 2 The photographs were taken on December 27th. This morning I walked 1 1/2 hours, going to the post office to fetch a package containing winter gloves for riding the bicycle. The "lobster style" gloves (aka three-finger gloves) were size XXL, and my hands did fit inside, but just barely, there wasn't much extra room. This was as I expected, there never seem to be large enough gloves. I do envy one thing about Donald Trump: his small hands. (Posting title is from the poem Taking...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE I hope this finds you well! New week; I get to start a new quilt but before diving into the new one, I need to tell you about the last. Last week I searched the internet for January poems and quotes. I have tried to focus on the day I have, be it cold or mild, snowy or clear skies and not to complain (too much!) and wish for the spring (too soon!). I found this poem by Patricia Hampl and love the way she describes this season. “The cold was our...

A'la Annn -

Talvinen, luminen Suomi & Helsinki. Kuvia tammikuun alusta eräältä pakkaspäivältä, aamusta iltaan. ♡ Wintry, snowy Finland & Helsinki. Photos of the beginning of January from a cold winter day, from dawn to dusk. ♡ - 4.1.2017

kuvitelmaa. -

So nice to camera walk in the neighbourhood today after spending the last few days within the four walls getting rid of a winter flu. Spring truly was in the air today in Helsinki. By chance just before noon I […]

Light Scrape -

House 1 House 2 The photographs were taken on February 18th. Why do some people support Trump despite the lies and misdemeanors? One explanation put forward says that people like that he "fights" despite the serious mental handicaps. But is that a thing to be admired in a person who is in such a situation? (Posting title is from the poem Solstice by Tracy K. Smith.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Light Scrape -

Snow 1 Snow 2 The photographs were taken in Meiko on February 25th. In six days I have got 11 hours of exercise, half riding the bicycle and half walking. Spring is coming. This morning I listened to a lark singing while I was walking across fields. (Posting title is from the poem Los Angeles by Ben Fama.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

BLOGitse -

    Hi everyone!   Our extra mobile had a sim card which was out of date. We opened that card… That arrow shows where all the information is.   The heart of information in our phones is packed in this small packet. Wow! less than 2 mm (0.079 inch)   Are you a curious […]

Jack Honest -

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Sally's -

Eilinen lumimyräkkä aiheutti melkoisen liikennekaaoksen ainakin täällä Pirkanmaalla, mutta onhan tuo lumi nyt aivan ihana asia...

Tidbits from Lauttasaari -

Get Me out of herePublished with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

Belle's blog II -

Rakkaus aikaan sen saa... Ja vielä... Ikuisesti häntä ootan (Elokuvasta ”Beauty and the Beast (Kaunotar ja Hirviö)”/Audio Only) (Tuubi) :-) :'-* :-)

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