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Lopettamisblogi -

Tupakkavarastot tuli poltettua pois, eikä uusia hankittu, joten voisi kai sanoa, että tupakointini on nyt päättynyt. Eilen viimeisen röökin vetäisin illalla hämmästyttävän pienin elkein ja vähin liikutuksin. Tämän ensimmäisen päivän tupakoimattomuudesta ei juuri mitään voi sanoa, nikotiinipurkka suussa tämä menee. Eipä tämä juurikaan pahalta tunnu, vielä. Sain kommentteja blogiini. Kannustivat. Tiian vinkki pakastevihanneksista tupakankorvikkeena tulee taatusti...

teroitin.com -

Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto, 2009Asa kehittää riiminsä mummolan, väkivallan ja politiikan aiheista. Vierailijoina on kovimpia kotimaisia hiphop osalta. Avaintekijöistä tuttu Eetee vetää kertsin Jos nyrkit voisivat auttaa nimisessä kappaleessa, Davo aloittaa ekalla raidalla, jokaon nimeltään Suomi Prkl ja mummolan nostalgisia muistoja sekä mielipiteitä vielä elossa olevilta artistien iso-vanhemmilta

Ajatuksia Nigeriasta... -

Oli tullut jo pankki tiedot mistä saan ( 9.4 million USA dollars) Nine million Four hundred thousand USA dollars). Pitää alkaa suunnittelemaan mihin sijoitan rahat. Opiskelijalle tulee tarpeeseen nuo miljoonat. Tässä viesti Hi Maurizio, I thank you ones again for loving me and interest to help me.I will like to leave here at all cost and be with you all my life. What i want you to do now is to write to the bank and inquire the possibility and all it takes to to transfer the fund to your...

Vastuullista toimintaa -

Koska teen töitä ihmisten kanssa, joilla monen työ liittyy laajemmin yritysvastuuseen tai ympäristöasioihin, usein kuulee kysymyksiä myös ns. vastuullisesta puhelimesta. Usein Fairphone tulee mainittua.  Fairphone onkin saavuttanut yllättävän paljon positiivista hienolla markkinointityö llä, nimestä alken. Tuote positioidaan siinä reiluksi ja muodostetaan uniikki ero kilpailijoihin.  Mitä reiluus Fairphonen tapauksessa tarkoittaa?  Fairphone käyttää Googlen kehittämää...

outrageous outings -

my trip last fall via reykjavik was filled with music. the airwaves festival is such a cornucopia of music that the overlapping shows have you first devastated: you find yourself standing in line for phantogram and patrick wolf while you know you're missing out on some other great name. later on it is a relief to realize that just sitting down, sipping a beer anywhere in the city offers something great to listen to. even the off-venue program is so extensive that your brain will be intoxicated...

Materialistin koti -

Katsokatsokatso! Kirjat ovat ihania ja vanhat kirjat vielä ihanaisempia. Tässä sisustussuunnittelija Deborah McLean on uusiokäyttänyt vanhoja kirjoja. Kaunis idea, mutta ei liene kovin käytännöllinen. Jos tästä innostun ottamaan kopin, niin taidanpa jatkokehittää ajatusta vielä. Miten ihania kirjoja vaan raaskii tuolla tavalla repiä... Via: Desire to inspire , kuva: Halley Resources .

Kuparipelto -

Minä rakastan suomen kieltä. Mitä enemmän kieltä käyttää, sitä monipolvisemmaksi se tulee. SIUNATTU TILA Olen synnyttänyt tilataideteoksen ja tila on tänään siunattu. Taiteen syntyprosessia kuvaava kieli on aika pitkälti samaa kuin kirkollisessa yhteydessä käytetty luomisen työtä kuvaava kieli. Siunattu tila naisen näkökulmasta kuvaa odotusta ja uuden syntymää. Suomen kielessä sana tila kuvaa myös kolmiulotteista, muusta ympäristöstä seinärakenteilla rajattua tilaa...

Sushirobot -

Last summer I was enjoying my ice-cream in a hot summer day in Punavuori district. I sat on my longboard in the corner of two big streets and just let people pass me by. Suddenly someone came to me and asked if I was a local in Helsinki. He was from London and had started this art project about locals and tourists in various cities around the world. Maybe I'd be interested to take part? Hell yes! Pics by me in Local vs Tourist I was handed a disposable camera, an envelope with an address and...

Mode & Vintage -

after sunday night fireworks (they were gorgeous!) i realized that i had no post lined up for monday morning. sorry! july is one of my favorite months. everybody's busy and getting together for picnics or beach days. plus, beautiful weather can't hurt! xo eliza {1. puppy via  pinterest , 2. sandals via tumblr , 3.  express  heels, 4.  bloomingdale's , 5.  j. crew  bracelet}

Mode & Vintage -

it's hot. and humid. no fun - but this is the perfect time to whip out the shorts and the flowing maxi dresses. pop your hair into a messy bun and smile - you'll be so much cooler, trust me! xo eliza (images, first to last, via  kelly golightly ,  tumblr ,  ylang 23 )

Mode & Vintage -

tonight i'm starting my weekend off with a bang at the ballpark - complete with fireworks. it will be so fun! have a wonderful weekend! xo eliza (image via  flickr )

Mode & Vintage -

do you ever see a food that looks really bad, but tastes really good? chicken pot pie is kind of like that. or brownies. there really is no way to get the most "perfect" brownie. oftentimes, the perfectly square ones aren't too yummy, while the gooey, amorphous ones are heavenly. i do love it when food both looks and tastes beautiful. how gorgeous are those cupcakes? simple, natural, and elegant. love! xo eliza (squid ink pasta with stilton via  flickr , churros via  the sugar hit , lemon ice...

Velhametsä -

...And lost by inaction. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. " - Edmund Burke The cartoons mocking Mohammed and Islam have caused such an international incident that it is hard to keep track of it all, and therefore, with my limited time and ability, I leave it into more proffessional hands. However, the waves caused by the rock cast into the pond are finally reaching even remote, little Finland. Via, Sweden, naturally. The Finnish Nationalist...

Sax on the Web -

Image by haribote via Flickr Blues and Jazz go very much hand in hand. Starting with Blues is the way to get your feet wet in the difficult but rewarding art of improvising. Our approach is three-pronged: First familiarize yourself with Basic Blues Chord Progressions by John Lull. Then absorb the bluesy feeling by listening to the legendary Rock/Blues saxophonist Sonny Del-Rio . Then follow the Blues Rules below. Rules Of The Blues [There are several versions of these floating around in the...

Des promenades à deux -

Je lui ai acheté une planche à rouleaux. J'ai hésité parce que je craignais qu'il va s'heurter. Il m'a expliqé qu'il en a déjà deux et j'ai dit bon d'accord. Et nous voilà sur les rues de Nekalan pour l'essayer. Posted via Pixelpipe .

Thoughts from Id -

Yhdysvaltojen asuntovelat ja varallisuus . ( via )

On Winning -

Eric Ries from Startup Lessons Learned-blog held interesting presentation at Government 2.0 Summit . Where he talks about rapid experimentation as a reason to why some startups succeed and some die. The ability to perform more experiments per dollar. And direct mention of OODA included as well :) His blog goes to my reading list. (Found via Lean Blog )

Finns Down Under -

Please inquire Academic Bookstore if you would like to purchase Finns Down Under from a shop in Finland. Please note that I will also continue selling the book via mail. Orders: finnsdownunder@gmail.com Kielisten maassa-teosta voi nyt tiedustella Suomessa Akateemisesta kirjakaupasta . Jatkan myös kirjan postimyyntiä Australiasta käsin. Tilaukset: finnsdownunder@gmail.com

Halo Efektin perhealbumin aarteita -

Infantry Regiment 30 (Jalkaväkirykmentti 30) by Juha Hujanen VIA http://www.axishistory.com/index.php?id=7909 JR 30 was one of 50 infantry regiments that Finland raised during mobilization of its armed forces in summer 1941.It was formed from reservists of Northern Savo Home Guard district 17.6.41.Most of its men came from Kuopio-Suonenjoki-Leppävirta-Karttula-Maaninka municipals,only some of officers came from other parts of country. JR 30 was one of three infantry regiments of...

Mode & Vintage -

hope you're having a marvelous 4th of july! enjoy the fireworks if you can! xo eliza (image via  studio diy )

Startupbin -

For the second interview with Finnish startups via Twitter I chatted with Kai Lemmetty from Floobs. Earlier I interviewed Ramine Darahiba from MySites using the same rules: one tweet per question, one tweet per answer. Read the discussion below for Kai’s comments on the future of their service (they are coming out of beta after [...]

Nihil declaro - Nothing to Declare -

Two days ago I enden my Facebook account. Yes, I know. How could I? Every self-respecting person should be there, share their joys and sorrows an take part of those of their extended group of friends. Right? No. I object! I couldn't stand it. It became too much, I had to get out before I knew it had overtaken me. So I did. What a relief! I no longer need to feel I have to like my friends' status updates. I no longer need to know, what half of the people I know had for breakfast, what their kids...

Minnin näpertelyt -

International Cricket Captain 2011 doesn't break any new ground, but a wealth of real-life statistics married to a solid management sim makes it worth the investment for any budding cricket captains. The Good Good statistical realism   Well-balanced difficulty. The Bad For diehards only   Flat graphical presentation. UK REVIEW--Few genres cater so directly to a specific crowd as the management sim. Incredibly dense minutiae are a sim's lifeblood, and International Cricket Captain 2011 serves...

Punaisia ajatuksia - Jani Ryhänen -

Duunaripäivien ensimmäinen ilta lähenee loppuaan ainakin omalta osaltani. Aamulla on aikainen nousu - lähden viikoksi Brysseliin ECOSY:n koulututtajakoulutukseen - tulen takaisin lauantaina 20.10. Siihen saakka minut saa parhaiten tekstiviestein. / I'm in Brussels on the training until 20th of October. If you wish to reach me the best way is via sms. Terveisin, Jani

Mode & Vintage -

i love nurseries. you can use fabrics, textures, and colors freely there - and who doesn't love teeny tiny baby shoes? i really like the idea of using gender neutral colors in a nursery, especially if you don't know the gender of your baby. you can add feminine or masculine touches, but there is a much greater chance that the child will reuse the furniture or other accents in their older years. xo eliza (images, first to last, via,  everything turquoise ,  waiting on martha ,  the glitter...

Fantastic 5 -

As excited new wildcats flood campus in August with their trendy dorm decor, emotional parents, and anticipation for the upcoming school year, UK Fusion group leaders begin attracting interest of curious students with ads, flyers, and free prizes. Boasting the largest day of service in the entire state of Kentucky, UK Fusion began in 2003 with approximately 461 student volunteers has now grown to more than 1,600 as of 2014. The desire of our group (the Fantastic Five) is to raise awareness...

Rinnakkaisohjelma -

Exceptionally, i write some chapters of this post in English beacause there are many Lister engine-hobbyists and -enthuisiasts around the World. I'm happy to join You with my VA-engine powered Start-O-Matic plant! This post tells about cleaning the engine's oil sump, changing oil and cleaning the injection pump. I hope that my posts can entertain or even help some of You! Heinä-syyskuu 2016. Loppukesällä pihapiirissä riitti yhtä sun toista rakenneltavaa ja entrattavaa, joten kesäkuussa...

Jag - "en stockholmare" -

Jag har bara en vecka kvar här i Stockholm - det är otrolig hur snabbt tiden har gott. Det känns att ju närmare avfärden blir, desto mer väntar jag på att komma hem igen. Och desto svårare blir det att komma på nåt att göra... Eller nej - det finns ju miljon saker man kunde göra här - det har blivit svårare att bli inspirerad.  Det är det första veckoslutet i augusti, alltså dags för Stockholm Pride . Tandolunden har blivit "Pride Park" och idag vandrade Pride Paraden genom...

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