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Nectanikko -

Osallistu kilpailuun ja voita 2 lippua Airbournen keikoille Turkuun ja Helsinkiin. Kilpailu päättyy 2.10.2017. Tästä kilpailuun

Kilpailumaailma -

Wilfa Suomi. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 2 kpl kahden lipun pakettia Helsinki Coffee Festivaliin. Arvonta päättyy huomenna 19.04.2017 klo 12:00.

TAMK School of Art and Media -

Three music bands from TAMK have been nominated to participate in the EXCITE Project . Loud Lights, Rawbeena and F.U.N.C. are the three bands eligible to participate in the EXCITE Project representing Finland. These three bands have been formed by students of Media and Arts program. The Excite project is a collaboration between nine organizations from nine different European countries that exchange young musical talent across European borders. The participating organizations are all about...

Better Than Sliced Bread -

For many, Alaska is synonymous with rough conditions and impenetrable nature, and when thinking about Alaska, our mind wanders to the guy from Into the Wild falling into a gushing river and Don Rosa

Kilpailumaailma -

Zalando. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 5 kpl Flow Festival -lippua. Arvonta päättyy 09.07.2017.

Af-riikka -

Christmas, the most commercial religious holiday of all is approaching. One might think that the materialistic, carnevalistic celebration of religious holidays would not have reached Bhutan yet – wrong. The two tsechu s, religious festivals I have testified in Thimphu, the capital and in Bumthang, Central Bhutan have had a vast selection of attractions outside the official programme of sacred dances ( cham ): gambling, drinking, dancing girls...you know, the usual things you would associate...

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Kawasaki Suomi. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan kaksi 2 päivän lippua Weekend Festival -tapahtumaan. Arvonta suoritetaan 28.07.2017.


We are happy to announce that our piece 'Urban Abstract' was curated to be a part of One Dot Zero - Adventures in Motion festival in London this coming week. Our film is featured in the citystates 10 programme An exploration of onedotzero's fascination with the city via an eclectic series of filmic responses to urban environments and fast-paced city living, from quirky personal insights to shared global experiences. The onedotzero_adventures in motion festival showcases a mix of the brightest...

Kilpailumaailma -

Neste Bensis. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 10 kpl kahden 2 päivän Weekend Festival -lipun palkintoa. Arvonta päättyy 23.07.2017.

Kilpailumaailma -

Ruisrock Festival. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan ruokailu kahdelle festarialueella. Kilpailu päättyy 03.06.2017.

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Festival. Folk Music at Newport 1963–1966. US © 1966 [tbc] Patchke Productions. Year of release: 1967. Original distributor: Peppercorn-Wormser Film Enterprises. P+D: Murray Lerner. CIN: Francis Grumman, Murray Lerner, Stanley Meredith, George Pickow – 35 mm – 1,37:1 – b&w. Print by Movielab. S: Arthur Bloom, John Gibbs, Jack C. Jacobson, Mike Scott, Ben Sobin. ED: Howard Alk – associate editors: Alan Heim, Michael Marantz, Gordon Quinn. Production assistants: Jones Alk, John...

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American Express. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 3 päivän Gold Area -liput kahdelle Flow Festivaliin. Kilpailu päättyy 14.07.2017.

Kilpailumaailma -

K-Citymarket. Arvotaan 4 kpl kahden hengen VIP-lippupakettia Finnish Sauna Festival -tapahtumaan (Helsinki, Turku tai Jyväskylä). Lisäksi arvotaan 10 kpl Wursti -tuotepakettia. Kilpailu päättyy 21.05.2017.

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American Express. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan kaksi 3 päivän Gold Area -lippua Flow Festivaliin. Arvonta päättyy 02.06.2017.

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Solar Sound Festival. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 2 kpl kahden lipun pakettia festareille. Kilpailu päättyy 31.01.2017.

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Närpiön Vihannes. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan liput kahdelle Flow Festivaliin. Arvonta suoritetaan huomenna 27.07.2017.

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Solar Sound Festival. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan 2 kpl kahden lipun palkintoa. Arvonta suoritetaan 05.07.2017 klo 14:00.

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ABL-Laatat. Facebook-arvonta. Arvotaan kolme lippua Flow Festivaliin. Kilpailu on voimassa 09.08.2017 asti.

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