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BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone! My world is full of faces, two art challenges and visitors this weekend!   All my 29faces Feb 2018 faces are HERE. This is #13   This is also for Paint Party Friday challenge   For Theme Art challenge February 2018 ‘found faces’ or hidden faces or faces everywhere I found from […]

Desperatehell -

There's one Finnish alternative band that I could listen to on and on and I'm naturally speaking of Lasten Hautausmaa whom were performing here last Saturday to our delight. The gig was one of the best I have seen from them and I sensed the other people agree with me. I've seen the band many times and they have always been spectacular. I don't listen to much Finnish music, but there are a few bands which have stolen my heart for good. Two gig weekends in a row and there is coming many...

Filosofian puutarhassa -

Tammikuun tunnelmat saattoi tiivistää minunkin osaltani tähän kuvaan. Tai niin minä luulin kunnes katselin tarkemmin mitä perheen kameroihin oli kertynyt. I was just about to claim that the photo below sums up my January quite well. Then, I realized that we have taken quite a few photos lately. Joulu meni rauhallisesti, mitä nyt aattona käytiin sukuloimassa. Tein sinne pitkästä aikaa kakun, mutta energiatason mukaisesti "siitä mistä aita on matalin"-teemalla. Polka-maitosuklaakakun...

Desperatehell -

I've had really nice weekend although everything feels surrealistic due to the changes (at work) which are coming.  On Friday night I was tired, but I went to see Helsinki Vampires despite everything. I have been nowhere during January so it was nice to get out although the next day was a workday. My boyfriend continued the evening till the light signal with his friends and  band members (they know each others behind the years), but I needed to head for sleeping. Unfortunately. I liked the...

Belle Époque Wedding Diary -

Ompelin Vimman Fisut pöksyt ja poolomekon Jujunan Casual Week-kaavoilla. Asuni on ehkä kuitenkin paras hiljaiseen löhöviikonloppuun.

twilight cola. -

Pitkään on jo mieleni tehnyt kirjoittaa Oulun brunssivaihtoehdoista, vaati näköjään vain muutaman vuoden, että sain ensimmäisen tekstin ulos. Brunssi on ehkä kokenut pienen inflaation. Tai sitten se ei vain enää ole uusi, hypetettävä juttu tai pakollinen osa jokaisen itseään kunnioittavan ja ajan hermolla olevan kaupunkilaisen viikonloppurutiineja. Porukkaa brunsseilla kuitenkin tuntuu edelleen käyvän. Se on arkipäiväistynyt. Viime viikonloppuna kävimme Puistolassa...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Thank you very much for your concern for Ruusu. She is not yet well; she has almost completely stopped producing tears and that is a serious problem. She is being treated, taken to the vet frequently, we are doing all we can and hoping for the best. She is full of life and playful, not in pain, but she needs eye drops constantly. She takes them well and so far, her eyes are the same, not worse, not better. And yes, I do love her a lot, we all do...

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Hi everyone! We had about one week when nothing came down from the sky. It was so cool! No rain, no snow. We got even some sunshine! Last couple of days we’ve had minus temperature and light powder snow now brightens our terrace…very pretty.   I got inspiration to sew again. First I had to […]

40+ blogit -

Viikonloppu on alkanut todella rennosti. Perjantaina mulla oli ohjauksista vapaapäivä ja sain puristettua myös paperihommat niin, että perjantaille ei jäänyt enää toimistohommia. Eli sain oikeasti nauttia vapaapäivästä. Pitkästä aikaa oli… The post Weekend mood ja lehtikaalisalaatin resepti appeared first on Nelkytplusblogit .

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  Hi everyone! Finally we have more daylight! Yes!   The other evening we enjoyed LUX light show. Helsinki Cathedral looked like this here on my blog in 2011 in daylight       In the evening it looked like this (too many people and other ‘blocks’ to shoot better photos, sorry)       […]

Light Scrape -

Dark The photograph was taken on December 5th. The handheld exposure was 1 second, and there is some blur, but it is not bad. It seems that cold and dry weather will continue until next weekend. That is fine, even though it would be nice to have a little bit of snow to make the landscape less dark. (Posting title is from the poem Paradise Lost: Book 12 by John Milton.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

suzi9mm -

so my friend 'family man from espoo' was in london for business and stayed with us the weekend. all good. but the interesting part? i got a late christmas gift. he'd digitalized an old VHS video i had asked him to store years ago (when i moved abroad). now, i got back the VHS...and the content on a USB stick. what a surprise. and so awkward to see something i could vaguely remember but hadnt seen in a decade or two. the video was from a concert at my junior high school (1993), i'd rented a...

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Hi everyone! Hope you all are well and life is good!   My break was really relaxing…lots of candles, good food and nice drinks…No hassle, no stress.   This year I’ve been to gym, started studying Spanish again and found ‘bonesetting’.  It’s very difficult to explain but you might get an idea   from here […]

suzi9mm -

plusses: -netflix has good new stuff (Bright was...interesting, but Mindhunter is great, and new season of Black Mirror is always welcome) -our home is warm, unlike many other british homes, so i dont take it for granted minuses: -might need to change my nail salon, the guy i go to is just getting rougher every time, maybe he hates me :/ -husband is doing 3 nights shifts now so he is gonna be pretty much MIA i hate cooking especially & additionally for all the language probs it involves when...

Desperatehell -

Yule rolls to its end and it's a time to start focusing the mind on the coming year. I'm returning back to home today and tomorrow daily routines start running again. I hope you all had a congenial weekend and you got to spend it there where you wished. I've been really calmly at the folks and spent some quality time with a camera and been surrounded by cats. Of course I have bathed at sauna and poured  red wine down a throat not forgetting all those delicious food. This Yule could have been...

DancesWithWool -

Thank you for coming, day 11 already! Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE I had the most lovely Sunday, I hope this is going to be a good Monday. I am again off to town in the afternoon; hopefully I am swamped with all kinds of Christmas stuff… looking forward to queueing in the post office even, because somehow, I love to get a small dose of Christmas crazy after this quiet country life, where the scenery is the same on a Monday as it is on a Sunday. (Mind you, there are more snow...

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone!   After Finaland’s 100 yrs birthay in 6.12. we celebrate again.   8.12. is Jean Sibelius and Finnish music day.   Here’s one of my favorite Sibelius music, Finlandia.     “Finlandia, Op. 26, is a tone poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It was written in 1899 and revised in […]

Tiinan käsityöt -

Neulojaystäväni innostuivat Sew together bag ompelusta, joten ommeltiin yhdessä yksi lokakuun viikonloppu. Nämä kolme valmistui lauantaina. Vihreä on minun. My knitting friends wanted to make their own SewTogether bags so we sewed all weekend. These were finished by saturday evening. Green one is mine. Kun aloin kankaita leikkaamaan, arvelin että voisihan tuota leikata toiseenkin samantien. Joten sunnuntaina valmistuivat nämä kolme ja yllätys yllätys, vihreä on minun :-) When I...

Desperatehell -

Yesterday's look when we went to see Gaggin' drag show to a local bar. Was nice evening over the drinks and the shows were entertaining and made me laugh. I was dressed in self made lace dress and a fluffy bolero. Unfortunately the snow appeared and I wasn't able to wear any nice shoes as I planned. I hadn't worn this dress for ages and if felt gorgeous on and fit well together with the bolero.  No other special plans for the weekend. I try to find the time to check out the newest Twin Peaks...

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone! It’s gone, oh yes, November!!! And now it’s less than three weeks for winter solstice! dadadadaaaa….     Can you see pica picas on top of the trees?     10.11.2017     If not, here’s a collage   I tried to draw, paint a pica pica…no luck. But then I just […]

Motoristin Mutsi at home and garden -

 My Christmas time isn't Christmas time without flowers. I love the smell of cinnamon, clove and ginger, but I am able to live without them. But flowers - specially hyacinth - that is a total must. No matter how much I am sneezing,  when they are in bloom. I use to buy first ones as soon as they arrive to stores and there have been Christmases, when those have been the only flowers in the house. However, last week I bought three cypresses - and three hyacints. Just for the start... There...

Sutkautuksia -

Puuhakas viikko takana. Eipä töiden jälkeen tullut kovinkaan paljon tehtyä, jos jotain niin normihommia, eli ruuanlaittoa, pyykkiä ja koiran ulkoilutusta. Aamuherätykset ovat olleet klo 6 tyyppisiä, eli ei välttämättä mitään herkkua. On aamuja jolloin aivot eivät tulkitse kellon soittoa, ja on aamuja jolloin herääminen tuntuu melkein kohtuulliselta. Mitään logiikkaa tässä ei valitettavasti ole. Auringonpimennys on kuulemma harvinainen ilmiö, mutta aika pimennossa ollaan...

The Freelancer's Fashionblog -

The Helsinki Burlesque Xmas Xtravaganza event I performed at all weekend long was truly fantastic but really sucked the juice out of me as well. Here's a Lynchian moment from when the party was over last night, with some go-go bunnies off-duty chilling.

Oma koti valkoinen -

Tätä on odotettu pitkään – Black Weekendin myötä Stockmann tarjoaa tänään -20% alennusta kodin tuotteistaan! Nyt onkin hyvä hetki toteuttaa vaikkapa sisustushaaveita, päivittää huonokuntoiset keittiötarvikkeet uusiin, hankkia joululahjoja rakkaille ihmisille (ja elämille) ja koristella koti jouluiseksi… Stockmannin kodin valikoima on syksyn aikana monipuolistunut ja erityisesti heidän omalle Casa Stockmann -merkilleen annan kiitosta. Suomessa ja ennen […] Artikkeli Kaikki...

Charming nails -

Pixi makeup fixing mist, Body Boom kuorinta, meikinkiinnityssuihke, Mossa Age Excellance kuorintanaamio

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

I'm 30 and fabulous! Nyt minäkin olen virallisesti vanha. Kehtasinkin täyttää 30 vuotta viime viikonloppuna, jonka kunniaksi järjestin juhlat joiden teemana oli 50-luku. Pukukoodi oli 50- luvun mukaan tai muutenvain juhlavasti. Vuokrasin paikan juhliani varten, koska vieraita oli sen verran enemmän. Valinnanvaraa ei ollut hirveästi, koska synttärini sijoittuu juuri pikkujoulukauteen joten kaikki "hyvät" mestat oli menneet jo puolivuotta aikaisemmin. Juhlapaikassani oli sentään sauna...

Sutkautuksia -

Black Friday on täällä, eikä sitä voi olla huomaamatta. Tänään sähköpostiin on kilahdellut tarjouksia tarjouksien perään, joten pakkohan niistä on kaikille alesiepoille vinkata. Täältä siis pesee Black Friday /Black weekend vinkkejä ollos hyvä (eivät kyllä sovi Konmarittajalle): - Stockalla on kaikki muoti perjantaina  miinus 20% ja lauantaina -20% kosmetiikka.  Tämä Cut & Pret ( klik ) musta untsikka oli ihanan lämpimän tuntuinen päällä, kun sitä maanantaina...

Leikkaan -

Hei, lunta ja räntää on satanut koko päivän, mutta eipä tuo ole askarteluja haitannut. Tänään olen urakoinut suklaakortteja viikonlopun joulumyyjäisiin. Tässä kuitenkin lyhtykortteja, jotka tein viikonloppuna. Käytin Sizzix' in stanssia ja kivoja puukuvioisia papereita ja itsetehtyjä kukkia, valkoista maalia, verkkoa ja jouluharsoa. Hi, wet snowy day, a good one to craft ! These lantern cards I made last weekend at the cottage. I used Sizzix diecut Rustic Lantern, pretty wood...

Leikkaan -

Hei, mukavaa viikonalkua! Joulukortteja valmistuu koko ajan lisää, viikonlopun myyjäisiin. Tässä jouluruokaa on tarjolla nallein pöydässä. Hi! Busy making more Christmas cards, I'm having two card sales at the weekend! Here's one with old Forest Friend stamp, coloured with Promarkers. Die cuts Lawn fawn and sentiment Heidin Korttipaja. Challenges: Animal Friends   C.R.A.F.T. Challenge   Craft Rocket Challenges     Lil Patch of Crafty Friends Simon Says Stamp Thank you;-))m

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