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Rogue Trader: Star-Lord alternate career rank

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Obviously this is a parody, we have no rights to anything, you know. Required Career: Any. Alternate Rank: Rank 2 or Higher (10,000 xp) Other Requirements: Charm, Fel 30+ Traits: Characters selecting this Alternate Rank receive the Ravager Implants trait. Star-Lord Advances Prerequisites in italics Awareness +10 200xp Awareness Barter 200xp Blather 200xp Carouse 100xp Charm +10 200xp Charm +20 300xp Charm +10 Deceive +10 200xp Deceive Evaluate 200xp Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 200xp Performer (Dancer) 100xp Pilot (Personal) 200xp Pilot (Personal) +10 200xp Pilot (Personal) Pilot (Personal) +20 200xp Pilot (Personal) +10 Search 200xp Security 200xp Silent Move 200xp Sleight of Hand 200xp Tech-use 200xp Trade: Archeologist 200xp Gunslinger 500xp Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Hard Target 300xp Performer (Dancer) Hotshot Pilot 500xp Pilot (Personal) Peer (Underworld) 200xp Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) 300xp Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) 300xp BS 35, Agility 35 Void Accustomed 200xp Pilot (Personal) "I'm Distracting You" 500xp Charm +20, Performer (Dancer) ** Ravager Implants The character is equipped with arcane archeotech implants that allow them to function in the yawning void. When the implants are deployed (counts as a Free Action), the character is immune to the effects of vacuum, cold and radiation as if they had the Machine trait, and can freely move in zero-g and vacuum environments using the Pilot (Personal) skill. Void Accustomed As the Void Born starting trait (core rulebook, p. 19): immune to space travel sickness, zero- or low-gravity environments not considered difficult terrain. "I'm distracting you" Once per combat or similar conflict situation (GM'd discretion), at the beginning of a round, the character may make an opposed Challenging +0 Charm or Performer (Dancer) test versus the highest enemy Willpower score as a Reaction. If the character succeeds, they win Initiative that round and all enemies act last. In addition, all enemies suffer a -10 to their actions that round, increased by -10 for each degree of success. If the character fails the test, count their Initiative as zero for that round. At the GM's discretion, enemies with the Machine trait may be immune to this Talent.

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