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somehow another year is coming to an end

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something for the wall...  from Futuremaps . not sure whats future about it though...seems like same old to me. altho Palestine is missing, yet Jerusalem is there, with a capital city tag... aaaand Tel Aviv is not there at all. maybe there are onto something after all, this was printed just days before Trump's fuck up? light turquoise with dark pink glitter... but of course a week later when the tips are already worn out. i should go ahead and try something else. Anna & me had a thai food/bubbly night. she is moving back to NZ soon and im gonna miss her dearly.  plusses: *we have a Body Shop near home. *friends getting married in May in Santorini so we r going there :)  *i have an amazing husband who is super caring. *Apple's quick & free delivery; a new phone in my hand in less than 24h. minuses: *our kitchen ceiling was leaking on-off, took a while to find the problem, now the ceiling is open and kitchen is a mess *iphone 8 "silver" is not silver. its white. *so many early morning flighst next year. i hate early morning flights passionately, but sometimes there just arent real options.    i ordered free range pork belly for christmas. im gonna be brave and try cook it. the internet is full of recipies and Allan has offered his recipe. so i should be alright..? my new favorite song is Sivert Hoyem's Sleepwalking Man . ( youtube ).

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