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The end will come

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Books: Primo Levi: If this is a man? Art Spiegelman: Maus J. E. Salomaa: Friedrich Nietzsche Film: Michael Haneke: Time of the wolf I read a book about a nazi destruction camp. It was Christmas. I was lying next to my wife, not being able to sleep and thought about the surreality of the moment. Of all these loving, caring people around me. This is all going to end, I thought to myself. Make yourself tough and strong, for the destruction will come. You should not fear the suffering, for the suffering is a natural state of a human existence. The endless row of human waste, walking with heavy burdens. Nazi soldiers or other prisoners, higher in ranks, beat them as they fall or slow down. Destruction camp is not only a destruction of the bodies in the gas chambers, but a destruction of will and soul in a dehumanizing hard work and starvation. To survive you have to lie, steal, kill and cheat. The nazies are prisoners too, they also struggle to keep their souls. They are a part of this industrial human sacrifice, and still they try to go home and love their wives and children. I imagine the world as a large scale destruction camp and a millions of poor people working, killing, stealing and lying to survive everyday. (I have seen all this happen in South-Africa, Myanmar, Philippines...) I am a nazi in this working camp. my well-being is a cause of suffering and a brutal death for millions. But the end will come for me as sure as the morning. I have to work out, I have to take on heat and cold. The skin must be thicker, but more so for the soul. Struggle! Seek the Truth all time! Run from the nazies, run from their lies!

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