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Vision Insurance - Spectera

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Spectera touts its principals of high quality while maintaining affordable costs associated with vision care. Their vision plans offer flexible programs, with and without co-pays, and with a full range of choice of frequency options and methods of funding. Spectera's benefits include: Comprehensive Eye Exams-the eye doctors that partner with Spectera provide complete and thorough vision exams which include both the diagnosis and a treatment plan if required. Frames-Most frames on the market today are covered, in full, except for applicable co-pays. Contact Lenses-Spectera's contact lens benefits are unparalleled in the market. The exam, the fitting, the contacts (even disposables) and up to two follow-up visits are covered in full, after the applicable co-pay. Laser Eye Surgery-partnering with the Laser Vision Network of America, Spectera members have access to substantially discounted laser eye surgery. Members have access to more than 400 NCQA, National Committee for Quality Assurance, credentialed laser vision locations and receive a 15% discount off the standard or usual and customary price, or 5% off of any promotional price that may be offered at the time. Spectera is proud of its unmatched network availability. Not only do their clients include both private and retail chain providers, but they own their own chain of United Optical stores. This means that most members of Spectera will have no problem finding a conveniently-located provider. From their site you can even look for a provider before ever signing up, which ensures that you will have the access you need. You can search on either your zip code and within up to a 50 mile radius or you can search by city and state. You can also search by doctor or practice name and get complete driving directions. How could it get any easier? Spectera also has the means to oversee their quality control and cost containment. Spectera's optical laboratory, Crown Optical, maintains stringent quality standards, even more than the ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. Leading edge technology and software has resulted in the highest quality and efficiency in the fabrication of eyeglasses in the industry. And in order to deliver on their cost-containment pledge, Spectera's providers deliver services at 20 to 40 percent below the usual and customary charges for eye exams, lenses and frames. Spectera even has a double-claims system in place, allowing for easy processing of both electronic and paper claims. Spectera also offers in and out-of-network benefits and has a handy toll-free number and an email support system to determine coverage and to help in the claims process. So, when making a decision on vision insurance, or if you are a company looking for vision coverage for your employees, make sure to include Spectera in your cost and benefit comparison.

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