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What can you say about Russia

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There is a rather vivid political discussion going on in Finland. The right wing politicians want finally to say aloud, what every Finn has always known, that Russia is Finland's major security issue. - Not 'threat', mind you, but 'issue'. We have a long history of Russian invasions, from the dawn of our recorded history: Novgorodians, Muscovites, Russians, Soviets, you name it. They all have made attacks to Finland, and some of them have even managed to occupy Finland. - Just read your history book. Finnish-Russian border during the history (from 'History of Karelia') The Finnish leftists want to maintain lower profile in the discussion. And they might actually be right: why irritate the slumbering Russian bear. Russia is far more powerful than Finland, and - as already said - they have a certain history of treating Finland. We do not want also Putin to adopt Bush 's policy: ' You're either with us, or against us '. For a while we thought we really might learn to be friends with Russia. But should we be cynically realistic: Isn't it far wiser to keep repeating the soviet era political liturgy of ' good and friendly relations ', that everybody knew to be false, and just settle back to the safety of the good old Finlandisierung . Why stretch your muscles when you have a neighbor with so much more muscle; and tendency to use them? Or could the right wing politicians be right, after all: Shouldn't we join forces to tell Russia, that bullying just no longer is accepted by the international community. We want co-operation, not oppressing, and certainly not again another war. - You might also want to remember that we Finns did rather well in the last few wars...

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