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Andiis is in Thailand Yes since 12.9 I have beenJ. Now it is 1.11. J. Mostly I have been in Bangkok. I have lived quiet life hereJ. I have many reasons why I have been in Bangkok so long time. But one important reason is that….I think you already quessJ - Yes Yes Andiis met a girlJ And now HappyJ When I started to do travel – I didn t have any exact plans to do that and that…just like approximately..but for me that trip is about learning to understand world and learning to see different things…etc. I founded something good from here. When I see something interesting I want to enjoy of that…now I see J Ok – I have been in many places during my trip. Now In Thailand I have mostly been in Bangkok. It is good to see one place more longer – it does not matter what is the reason…I have had many reason for that… It still does not matter where you are – everywhere you can learn – and I think that in here I have learnt the most. – about life – about people – about culture etc. I mean not just in Thailand – I mean generally. I have been before that in about 12 countries (during this trip). It is so nice to understand world better – and the most important thing – to understand myself betterJ When I arrived to Thailand I have also been sick quite much = Like over one month or something – like flu etc. And now I got food poisoningJ. But now ok – and now I return from hospital after two nights. SO many things happenings. I have been in very nice place near by Bangkok and in Bangkok and I have seen many things in here in Bangkok. -> ABOUT BUDGET: Andiis is still in budget: I mean when it turned September I decided to spent les than 10e per day. Next 3 month. Like that money in Thailand is about 500 BHT. My room is 150 and I normally eat 150 and rest of money I may spent other wayJ. Later on I tell why my account has more minus than that – many reasons for that – but I will get it to that level 500 BHT / per day later on … I just can say that during the trip can happen things that you never could think… BACK TO STORY: Ok – now I am full of Bangkok – I want away now from here. We leave to south and may be I do some work also somewhereJ - During my trip that was one of the ideas..to do work somewhere…HEH :) Andiis Goes WorlD ArounD

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