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As I may have mentioned somewhere before, I've got this never ending project of organising my photos and posting them to the blog. While my intention remains to make some commentaries of the events where the photos are taken I have to recognise that this may take much more time than I think. Therefore, I'm now posting an English index of the photo albums that I have managed to construct so far. This is actually covering more or less all my photo-events in Timor-Leste, but many of the links lead to pages where the commentary is in Finnish only. December 4 riots in 2002 Dili views, taken one morning walking to the office from the hotel I was staying in the beginning (Dec 2002) First time at beach in Timor (Dec 2002) Christmas 2002 in Dili Workshop in Maliana 24 Jan 2003 A field trip to Lospalos and surroundings 6-8 Feb 2003 Miscelleneous from April-May 2003 Climbing Ramelau 7-8 Jun 2003 Ata'uro Island 1-3 Nov 2003 Loi Huno caves (Viqueque district) 8-9 Nov 2003 Double-birthday party at my landlord's house 15 Nov 2003 Workshop in Oecussi 24 Nov 2003 Christmas greeting 2003 Christmas time 2003 Cinnamon trip 27 Dec 2003 Olivia & Riina visiting Timor 13-19 Mar 2004 Long weekend in Com 9-11 Apr 2004 My parents visiting 15-20 Jun 2004 Office Retreat 21-22 Jun 2004 Climbing Matebian (a real, unintended survival trip) 17-18 Jul 2004 Haoliang's farewell 7 Aug 2004 Wedding of José & Signi 13.8. 2004 Riku visiting 26 Nov - 1 Oct 2004 Miscelleneous photos 2004 Miscelleneous photos 2005 Christmas season 2005 and New Year 2006 Miscelleneous photos 2006 Last day at office and farewell party 21 Apr and departure 22 Apr 2006 Enjoy! Tags: Dili | Timor-Leste | East Timor

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