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The world has turned upside-down!

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Finland has won the Eurovison song contest. Now, this was always thought to be something as probable as pigs having wings. After more than 40 years of repeted humilation, the victory came with an utterly unconventional pice of music, ' Hard Rock Hallelujah ', presented by a monster band Lordi . An as if that weren't enough, they also scored the highest points in the history of the contest. Now, I just wonder who seriously wants to listen to that sort of music... (many people, apparently). Well, judge yourself: http://www.eurovision.tv/english/finland.htm Gone are the days that earned us the title of the Worst Music Video Ever. It is not the Armi & Danny c lassic Tahdon olla sulle hyvin hellä , even if sang in English (translated as I wanna love you tender ) with a cunningly Finnish accent ( '... you vant me tyday, put vat apout tomoRRou'), but rather the stunning coreography that takes this amazin video to the hall of fame. Watch this! Tags: Eurovision | Music | Finland

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