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After more than 24 hours of traveling, three different planes, 4 hours of waiting at the transfer lounge of New Delhi airport and one stop-over in Kathmandu, I finally arrived at the Paro airport in Bhutan four days ago. View from the plane landing Paro airport One of the three planes of the Drukair flight company King and Queen wish welcome to Bhutan All the five kings of the Kingdom of Bhutan are watching people queueing for their visa First working days have largely consisted of filling out at least a dozen of different forms: for bank account (both in USD and local currency ngultrum ), ATM card, SMS service for the bank account, work permit, medical clearance for the work permit, post-paid telephone number...you name it. Different handling fees and official stamps (costing 15 cents each) have been indispensable in this process. I would have never survived the paperwork without the infinite help from my colleagues at the UNDP. Very warm welcome indeed! View from the entrance of the UN House Entrance to the UN House in Thimphu What I am missing now are: permanent apartment, multiplug with adapters and at least one set of kira , the national dress for women. Search for these items continues!

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