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My Top 30 Tracks/Artists of 2005

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30. The Black Keys - 10 AM Automatic Great Band From Dayton Ohio. Really I wish I could have caught then in concert when they came to Ottawa in November, they would probably be higher on the list if I did, oh well. Honorable Mention - Till I Get My Way, Girl is on My Mind, All Hands Against His Own. http://www.theblackkeys.com/ 29. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at my house Groovy little number from this dude, he released a 2 disc album earlier this year. Honorable Mention - Tribulations. http://www.lcdsoundsystem.com/ 28. Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine Toronto Band, two guys the vocalist plays the drums ... which scores big points in my book. Saw these guys on Conan and they rocked, Max Weinberg even played the drums for them at one point during their set ... really good stuff ... I look forward to hearing new stuff from them soon. Honorable Mention - Sexy Results, Black History Month, Romantic Rights. http://www.deathfromabove1979.com/ 27. Mike Doughty – 27 Jennifer’s Mr. Doughty used to be the lead singer for the band Soul Coughing (remember Super Bon Bon?). Some really catchy stuff from him; 27 Jennifer’s stayed in my head for quite a while this year. Honorable Mention – Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well. http://www.mikedoughty.com/ 26. (Dios) Malos – Broken Bones A twanging, sweeping chorus Alt-Rocker type dealie. I don’t know what strikes me about this song. But it’s just great. Favorite Line of the year – “Alcohol Leave me cold, Mary Jane take me home” and I slowly Wake Up, Nothing’s Changed I’m still all Fucked Up.” I don’t even like “Mary Jane” … I’m such a poseur. http://www.diosmalos.net/ 25. Pinback – Fortress I dig the strings in the background and the sing along chorus “ Stop, its too late, Im feeling frustrated”. It’s a catchy little ditty. Pitchfork.net gave these guys an 8.1 rating ... and they are cutting edge hipsters that we should all listen to … right? Honorable Mention – AFK. http://www.pinback.com/ 24. Augustana – Stars and Boulevards Nice ballad here, at least I think this qualifies as a ballad. Its got all the qualities of a hit radio song … lets see if they make it big with this song, then we can all jump off the bandwagon and hate them cause the radio will kill another decent song. Honorable Mention - Boston http://www.augustanamusic.com/ 23. Bedouin Soundclash – When the night feels my song I think mainstream radio has played the living crap out of this song, as they should I suppose. Its better than hearing “my humps’ 15 times a day. Montreal band, dude has a great voice … this song reminds me of summer and Corona … mmmmm beer. Honorable Mention - Gyasi Went Home. http://www.bedouinsoundclash.com/ 22. Grand National – Drink to Moving On This would be a good song to do the robot to, or drink to while playing NHL 2006 on the xbox. I’ve only tried the latter. Honorable Mention – Talk amongst Yourselves. http://www.indielondon.co.uk/music/cd_grand_national_kicking_habit.html 21. Boys Night Out – Composing Typical Emo? … maybe. It’s a decent song and then it hits you at about the 3 minute mark in and you start to beat your head in a rocking out fashion, Yes, Yes don’t stop the rock’in. Sing it with me: “Its all about … “ No? Okay forget you then. Honorable Mention - Medicating http://www.boysnightout.com/ 20. Josh Rouse – Winter in the Hamptons This gives me that early spring at a ski report with Baileys and Hot Chocolate feeling. You know where the jackasses start skiing in their sweaters and jeans? That kind. Good song, but I like his older stuff so I’m a little impartial. Honorable Mention – It’s the Nighttime http://www.joshrouse.com/ 19. The Go! Team – Huddle Formation When I first heard The Go! Team I wasn’t really impressed. But then I was exposed to a couple other tracks off their new album and was sold after a few spins. This song is fun, its got a great beat and it makes me wanna sing along, except I don’t know what they are saying … So I am kinda just like ….. …… … (Insert white guy dance). Honorable Mention – Ladyflash. http://www.thegoteam.co.uk/ More To Come ....

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