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... you won´t find beautiful women on a country gig in Finland? Who ever it was, hereby proven wrong. Some of the finally recovered shots from the gig at Bar Olotila in May here. Copyright by Anni H. Thanks. Ha! Evidence of All-U smiling! The band was finally doing something right - or his mind just wandered off... As U can see behind T-Rox here, Country & Westerinen is also putting big time effort on visualising the show (thanks VJ Yohoney). Screen is also used for the audience to see better. Not because we would be too far, but the opposite. So the actual screen image of the band is smaller than the live performance. Clever, huh!? (pat.pend) Our batterista superior H. Nash also caught on the film for the first time there on the bottom right corner. By the time we got ourselves organised for the after show picture, H. Nash was already playing another gig somewhere else. Actually what happened was that we played the second set without him. The next band he had to play with on the other side of town - the better paying one - had to start their gig earlier than informed. Terrible stress this music business can cause to people... And naturally there was the issue of tearing the set down and going on the road again. Our four wheeler truck was driven back to headquarters by Pakula the Manager , who by the way managed to collect a reasonable donation from the audience to support our future manoeuvres. Something like 70 euros it was. Thank U all. Country & Westerinen invests the sum on the best interest of mankind. Thank U Kaitsu from Bar Olotila for nice treatment and the lovely refreshments.

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