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Post Face Lift: What to Expect After the Procedure

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  When you want to have a youthful change in a short time compared to when you rub on bottles and bottles of creams, you know that a face lift can exactly do just that. It is one of the most trusted procedures to give your face that rejuvenated look but what can you actually expect after the surgery?   There are a lot of things that you would have to deal with the moment you come out of anesthesia. And this is when the challenging process of healing starts to take place.   You must be prepared that the immediate results won't always be all that you hoped it to be. Realistically it is going to get worse before it actually gets better.   The very first sensation that you would probably encounter when you wake up from surgery, would be pain or some amount of discomfort. The gravity of pain will depend on your pain tolerance, but you don't have to suck it up and endure it, because analgesics will already be prescribed for you as protocol.   You may also feel some immediate tightness right after the surgery, and this will also be more pronounced especially with the swelling that occurs. Your face will also be tender to touch because of the fluid accumulation as a normal response to healing. That is why your face will most likely be wrapped with dressings to reduce the swelling. After a day, this would usually be changed to an elastic bandage which you have to wear for a couple of days.   Sometimes drainage tubes would have to be placed to draw off accumulated blood and other fluid in the area. This will promote faster healing and less chances of bruising.   Swelling and bruising will soon dissipate in about 2-3 weeks' time, but you can already be up and about within a few days. However, this would vary among persons, because our bodies heal at a different rate. But if you want to lessen healing time then make sure that you follow doctor's post-surgical instructions.   In connection with the last statement, one of the important matters that you should expect after a face lift surgery is the follow-up appointments. There will be more of this during the first few weeks after surgery as your surgeon's way of gauging your progress. Since this is a very delicate time which would also plays a role on the final result, you have to follow every appointment. This will also allow the surgeon to check up on any developing signs of infection.   You will look swollen for the following weeks, but it is your decision whether you want to begin socializing or exposing yourself to the public. But this won't definitely be any hindrance to any normal activities given that you do it now with extra caution and less strain. But if you can avoid it, it is always advisable to give yourself that allowance of time to just rest and recuperate. So expect the possibility that you will take some time off work.   One of the issues that you would probably encounter after a face lift surgery would be depression or frustration over the result. Always remind yourself that this will just improve overtime, while your body gets around its normal response to any invasive procedure. The change will be gradual and you have to be patient about it.   Along with your patience is the discipline that you need to maintain in order for you to follow a religious after care regimen. Follow each instruction, eat healthy, do not strain yourself, clean the wound properly, or drink prescribed antibiotics as specifically prescribed. Each instruction given by your doctor has an important rationale that will ultimately lead you to a successful result.

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