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The Art of War:

Serpents of Hellfire, Devastator Squad

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Hello! In between of projects I managed to finish my Devastator Squad for my own Space Marine chapter... Angels of Hellfire is a Dark Angels successor chapter, and as I was reading the DA-codex, I spotted out that the Devastator Squad now has an Armorium Cherub. Meaning that once per game one of the models may shoot twice in a round, as the Cherub realoads that models weapon. Cool, and must have... But I did'nt have a suitable model for the purpose, so I had to kitbash one together... And here's how it came out :) Marine with Multi-melta... Plasma Cannon Heavy bolter Lascannon And Sergeant with Bolter and Signum I have to learn how to take pictures of red models... In these pictures some layers of high lights just disappears somewhere... I know it's a lighting and shutter problem, but I haven't figured out the right settings yet..! Well, there you have it. More painted minis coming up soon. Bye now!

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