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Endgame Tournament - Fifth Edition

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Alright, I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this is the fourth or the fifth edition, but whichever one it is, welcome! This will be held on 28.03.2018. Format - PART I  - Quiz Last time the (self-graded) "Quiz" section of the tournament was introduced, and went pretty well, so I plan to repeat it. The idea is to get practice at looking at endgame positions and immediately know whether it is winning, losing or drawing. Improving skills in this area will help to strategize better in the middle game. Here is a brief on how it works, so you can prepare mentally - Time allotted: 20 mins Number of positions: 8-10 Objective Correct Result: Identify whether the position is technically winning for white, black, or is a draw Correct Move: Identify the correct next move Scoring  Main: One point awarded for correct result and one point awarded for correct move. Bonus: If Result and Move are correct, an extra half point is awarded. Example - a. White wins, Rh1.     Correct result, wrong move.     1 pt b. Draw, Kb6.     Correct result, correct move.     2½ pts PART II - Gameplay Based on the results of the quiz section, the pairings for the second part of the tournament will be decided. Format is same as before. Format for each round:     An endgame position will be presented.     The position will give a slight edge to one side.     Both players will play on each side – White & Black, that is, 2 games between the same players with colors reversed. Scoring:     The scoring will be from 0–2 pts. For example, if you win one game and draw one game, you get 1½ pts.     If you win both games, you get 2 pts. Time Control:     This will be determined based on number of players present. Most likely 5'+02" or 3'+02".

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