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Jubilee of Resurrection

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Last weekend I traveled to Eastern Finland to see my old good friend and spent a short vacation there by drinking red wine and hunting photos ( and not forgetting walking of a dog which was fun). The holiday was really needed and I felt to be a new born while arriving at home.  I have been Imatra as a kid, but not after that, not even  when I lived in Eastern Finland (I always traveled via it by a train) and now I wonder why didn't I travel more there while living there..  well I was a poor student. Imatra is a small city on the border of Russian and there is one of the most beautiful building I have ever seen: A really pretty hotel and architecture is everything else but a typical Finnish style. If I were richer I would book a room from there.. now I had to settle for sleeping on my friend's couch. An outfit from Friday. A new white lace shirt got to use. A dry rapids which looks awesome  on live is a local attraction (in a pic it looks so lame). Many people have ended their days by jumping down there over the ages. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to see a white water show due to the renovation.  A neat journey across the country and back. A train ride took a little bit under four hours and it spent really quickly by reading. I also though back old times. Ten years ago I made that journey for the first time when  I moved to Savonlinna and it feels like it was yesterday. I was really excited about the new home town and I settled down quickly. That was a good choice back then and those years gave me so much! That city felt more home than my real home town in west ever. It's kind of weird, but my roots come from Karelia. I hope I have a chance to travel and visit Imatra again later in the summer.

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