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New life - new job

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I moved from Helsinki in August. I moved 450 km north west to the west coast of Finland, to a city called Vaasa. My little baby boy is no longer a baby - he started school this fall. My dog Jekku is no longer barking, he is in the dogs' heaven since March this year. My husband had been working in Vaasa already for 4 years. He was tired with the train rides back and forth. And I wanted my husband to be around 7 days a week. So we decided to move to Vaasa. Finding a house was a quick process. I hope we chose right. No we live near the forest in a white brick wall house with much more space than we used to have in Helsinki. Garden is OK, doesn't have too much flowers, which I intend to change next spring.  What else, I have a new job, a new choir and a new Zumba instructor. I don't have much time for family research. So I have been neglecting that. This was just a short update.

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