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I shall work for our news agency Startel until the end of March. It is producing news agency services (financial news, stock market information etc) and online services to corporate customers. Customers include leading Finnish companies, financial institutions and the principal media. Everything is written in Finnish. I'm already waiting for my this years vacations. I'm travelling to London for a weekend in March, then to Paris and Bretagne for a week in April. Next summer we are travelling to the U.S.A. in July and in August we are going to Germany for a shorter time. My husband is travelling even more. He is going to Brussels pretty soon and in June he will be again in Uganda. He was already in New Orleans in January. What else, well... I go to the choir rehersals every Wednesday and learn French on Tuesdays. Plus I try to do aqua jogging with my friend when ever we have the time.

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