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Light Scrape:

Forever, at the unbearable solo moment

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Snow 1 Snow 2 Snow 3 The photographs were taken in Nuuksio west of lake Suolikas on March 30th. I was planning to install summer tires to the bicycle today, but when I started cleaning it, I realized that the rim of the back wheel is so worn out that it will not last long. Thus, I ordered new wheels (from Taylor Wheels) for the bicycle, and if everything goes well they should arrive within a few days. This reminds me of what happened five years ago with the back wheel I had made in a local bicycle shop. These days it is no longer humans who build the wheels, but robots, and I hope the quality is better. (Posting title is from the poem The Eve of St. Agnes by John Keats.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

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