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Lets end the week with some creative music playing. Or making. Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments  (BBC Arts) In Swedish there is actually a separate verb for playing and making music on an instrument, more in the sence of performing it or playing together:  musicera, as can you say ' musisoida ' in Finnish. One can refer to that as musicerande  (kind of like something that someone or some people were occupied with, or "the music that they were making" as in the present particle of the word. I have to look that up, as it is after all almost 20 years since I last had grammar, erhm). But there does not seem to be an English equivalent for such a word... Briefly and totally non-academically based on how other words and endings are used (for example a demonstration of something - to demonstrate ), I would make the word musicate up, but it already exists on the internet (not in Merriam Webster though) and means something else: to be absored in music. But well, why not: Let's end this week with some creative musication shall we?

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