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The need for a clean environment

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I probably should have written this article first on this blog, as it's very, very important ,but I forgot about it. So here goes: Cigarette butts and lighters ,cans and glass bottles littering the street, candy wrappers lying forgotten outside grocery stores and empty Styrofoam cartons  cluttering up the space outside diners and takeaways-this is a common sight in our lives ,in our surroundings. The surroundings in which we live in-that is the common definition for our environment. But  why  do we need a clean environment ?  Do our lives depend upon it? The answer is yes,as you'll soon find out............... Firstly,by polluting the environment we live in,we're increasing our chances of contracting deadly diseases.According to a survey done by WHO,about 7 million people died in 2012 due to diseases caused by air pollution-illnesses like lung cancer ,stroke, and ischaemic heart disease. Air polluting gases in the atmosphere Being exposed to viruses and bacteria in water containing human and animal waste cause diseases like diarrhea and cholera . Being exposed to toxic chemicals in water can also have adverse affects in the body.Many factories get rid of their chemical waste by dumping it in nearby water bodies . REFERENCE: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2014/air-pollution/en/ http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/diseases/diarrhoea/en/ Secondly , we are not  just destroying our environment,but the ones of other creatures.We leave birds homeless by cutting down the trees in which they nest,steal the dens of foxes and wolves ,and collapse the underground burrows of rabbits and moles.These creatures have necessary roles to play in the intricate web of lives .It is one small step away from the lives of these animals  to our own lives. Third is the biggest reason of all-GLOBAL WARMING. Cutting down trees,burning fossil fuels, releasing greenhouse gases and burning rubbish, it all adds up to this. Global warming and climate change are what you might call the biggest side effects of destroying our environment. By letting global warming take over, we are ultimately writing our own suicide letters. So get to work people! Reuse reduce recycle, save water, save energy, take that one extra step. If you do you might save our planet. And if you don't............... We need a clean environment. And we need it NOW.The lives of billions of people,trillions of species, both flora and fauna, are at stake. The future of the Earth is at stake.

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