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Eco Friendly Tips For Around The House

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AT HOME:GENERAL -Firstly , the most common one, leave all the lights, fans, T.V.s, etc. switched off before leaving a room. -Instead of leaving your computer on standby , or hibernate , shut  it down straight away, unless its for something really important .Shutting down your P.C means that you use less energy. -Always try  to use rechargeable batteries , as this saves money from buying more batteries, and you don't have to throw away the old ones(batteries are hard to dispose of) . -Instead of switching on the heater when it gets chilly, try wearing a thick jumper instead. BATHROOM: -Although people use clothes dryers nowadays , more often than clothes hangers , using the latter option saves a lot of energy and it only takes a couple of minutes extra to hang out the clothes. You can even get an indoor clothes hanger , so that you don't have to worry about the weather!  -Using baths mean using litres and litres of water to clean yourself, so showering or using a bucket is the better , greener option. Contrary  to popular belief, showers use less water, as long as you don't leave them on for too long* and depending on the size of the bucket. reference: https://www.quora.com/On-average-does-bathing-in-shower-take-more-water-than-bathing-with-a-bucket-or-less KITCHEN: - Buy eatables and snacks that use cardboard packaging rather than plastic. Obviously, this can be hard, because things like crisps and cookies  rarely come in cardboard packaging.However in the case of fruit and veg, it is better to buy them loose, rather than packaged. -Use things like potato peels and onion and carrot tops as natural manure for plants.The calcium and other chemicals in eggshells are very good for roses. OUT IN THE GARDEN: -Sprinklers  may save time and effort but a watering can or hose is better for the plants as  they spread out the water more evenly. Plus you can't control the flow of water in sprinklers ,so you end up wasting a lot of it. -Do not use chemical fertilizers as these substances can have an adverse effect on the wildlife and other shrubs and bushes around the plants. -Plant more flowering trees and plants, as they shall  attract  bees and butterflies ,who'll  pollinate the garden better. -Harvest rainwater in buckets and vessels ,and use it to water your garden. Try recycling some spare cardboard boxes to make birdfeeders. As a result ,your garden  will be a nice and pleasant sanctuary, and you'll have a lot less caterpillars and pests! Hopefully ,you will be able to use these tips often, so hat you can make your household greener than ever before. Good luck! NEXT WEEK: Why do we need a clean environment?  

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