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ramones tribute

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photo: www.ramones.com "snails of finland & jari-pekka laitio-ramone" got their ramones-cover "slug" to two international ramones tribute albums. the ramones is often considered as the inventor of punk and their influence to other groups is undeniable. the ramones played several times in finland between -77 and -94. their concert in provinssirock was even aired on television in -88. the ramones split up 1996. argentinian double-cd 'todos somos ramones' was released in the beginning of this year, and it comes with a 60 pages book included. check it out from there: http://www.kauhajoki.fi/~jplaitio/... the other release with the finnish "slug" is of german origin, masterminded by oliver alexander, who also was the manager of "leningrad cowboys". "all good cretins go to heaven - a tribute to the ramones" came to shops 21.3.2005. laitio-ramone has the worlds largest ramones-website, that he updates almost daily. http://ramones.kauhajoki.fi laitio-ramone has also been touring several times with the ramones and has written two ramones-books.

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