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In the October issue of Divaani (one of my favorite Finnish decor magazines) Saija of Cosy home was interviewed. She mentioned Kootut murut as one of her favorite blogs. Thank you Saija! It's an honor to be in such great company. And if you don't already know Saija's blog , it's definitely worth checking. She is an artist living in Helsinki and she has a beautiful home. Last week Victoria of sfgirlbybay decided to visit and see what we've been up to. She did an update post of our renovation. You can see the original unexpected guest visit here . And finally, last Sunday Vineeta of Artnlight did a home tour of... well, our home. Go check out her blog if you haven't yet. Artnlight is so full of rich colors that our home is pale in comparison. It's a amazing trip far from home (India!) for someone like me, living in northern Scandinavia. Thank you to all you lovely ladies, it's an honor!

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