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The Yarn-Loving Couple:

Gift from a fairy yarn mother and other skein stories

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I think I've never babbled much about yarn in my blog. It simply has not been my favorite subject due to the generic nature of the yarns I have used in my projects. Why babble about yarn that isn't going to make the reader to "ooh" and "aah". But recently I got a gift from a fairy yarn mother and it's making me "ooh" and "aah" for sure. I asked J.R. to write about my new yarn because only he would have been able to describe the probably widest smile ever on my face when I opened the package containing a two most gorgeous skeins of yarn I have ever hold with my own hands. It would definitely have been a nice perspective, but unfortunately and expectedly he refused to. Anyway. I never thought that I could own something as pretty as these yarns: Sock Pixie "Napoleon and Josephine" and Brooklyn Handspun "Bubble Yum" You see, I'm not a rich knitter. At least not yet. I've seen these beautiful hand-dyed yarns all over the knitty internet, but they've always been way beyond my financial capabilities. But there I was, holding the yarns I thought I wouldn't be holding for y ears . And it felt magnificent. It felt like magic. It felt like a gift from a fairy yarn mother. I got the yarn from Knittingknoobie.com 's Susie. I volunteered to make her blog a new design for free since that's what I like to do... and to thank me she sent me the yarn. I couldn't have imagined a better way to thank a knitter. And I feel so special because I know that these hanks traveled a long way to me. I still don't know what I'll do with the yarn, but one thing is positive: it is going to be something special and it's going to be something for me and only for me. I'm going to enjoy knitting them and I'm going to enjoy wearing the knitted item. I also got some yarn from J.R.'s mother. Or technically she just bought them for me. We were visiting a yarn shop with her because J.R. is knitting a cardigan for her and she needed to choose the yarn and color. I was about to buy the yarn but then she said that she can buy them for me together with the cardigan yarn. And as I said: I'm not a rich girl so I let her buy me these two skeins: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Solo Tono I fell in love with this yarn almost instantly. It reminds me of Regia Hand-dye Effect but it's even better. It's supposed to be fingering, but I think it's more like light fingering. I don't mind though. I have already knitted one sock with the grey colorway and the shades look as good knitted as they looked in the skein. Finnish summary: Suunnittelin uuden ulkoasun Susien blogille ja kiitokseksi sain kaksi kerää käsinvärjättyjä lankoja. Sen lisäksi sain vielä J.R:n äidiltä kaksi kerää Lana Grossa Meilenweit -lankaa, kun olimme yhdessä lankaostoksilla.

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