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The Latvian capital is the perfect destination for a weekend, or even for a day. Lots of monuments, old buildings and great food. What struck me the most was the silence, the calmness. I would recommend Riga to anyone who seeks history, cozy moments and a treat for oneself or someone special.   Riga is an old Hansaic town by the Baltic sea. The architecture witnesses of thriving times. For those interested in recent history , I strongly recommend the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia - here one learns more about the turbulent 20th century in a country so often not mentioned abroad.  This was not my first time in Riga. Around 1992 a friend of my mother's took me there. I probably owe that lady a lot for introducing me to the wonders of travelling. My memories of that first trip are vague. It took place right after Latvian independence, so my child eyes mostly paid attention to the lack of food in the shops. The Freedom Monument stands as talk today as she did in the 90s. As for my mother's friend - she passed away some years ago and I never had the chance to thank her for widening my world. 

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