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IRRC - and weekend in Imatra

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Hubby and I spent a weekend in Imatra. Just two of us - and tens of thousand of other people, who had came to Imatra to follow International Road Racing Competition. It is different for me now. To follow motorbike races. Seven years I was hanging in pit stops, following races - and scared. now I am able to just be there like an average spectator. There was excitement from the very beginning of our trip: this was the first time we used Motobiili - our son's motor home - all by ourselves. Even though I have spent a lot of time in it, days and nights, there have always been someone else, who has taken care of gas, hot water, haeting. But not this time. During the way to Imatra we made many small stops, and I had a chance to admire all the beauty our nature has put up at this time of the year. And clouds. And sky. Even the dark one in Utti. It is weird  - there seems to be always at least a threat of the rain, when we drive through. This wasn't the first time, when we visit Imatra. There have been several Supermoto races  during the years, and we were there also in 2016  following IRRC. During these years I have turned kind of fan of Imatra. People in there are always so kind. They make athmosphere, which makes you feel the most welcome. We spent two nights by the river, Vuoksi. Because of IRRC - and our late decision to travel there - we got kind of "overbook place" from Hiljan piha, Karelian homestead museum's yard. There we were with some lambs - and a rooster, who defenately was in trouble with his chichens, because one wake up call wasn't enough at all. We spent - of course- both Saturday and Sunday in race track, but we had time to wander around, too. Imatra is beautiful, clean, small town with a lot of to see. On Saturday we took a ferry, which carried us over the Vuoksi river straight to entrance of stand. Not a fancy ferry, but fast and kind of fun. The dam has been under construction for two years, and there wasn't a show this time. The rapid is spectacular even without water. I got giddy on the bridge over it. We were lucky to see a small air show, too. Finnish Air Academy was there, and one of their teachers showed, how you can fly. Straight up, rocket down. horizontally and then upside down, curves and spiral.  And of course a lot of bikes and fast driving.   On Saturday evening we went fishing. With a hook and line. Just because it is fun, not because of catch. Well, we didn't catch any, hahhaa. Just sitting on the dock, watching the river flow sun glowing behind the clouds Young seagull birds were watching us. Excitement and peace. Perfect.

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