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Saarihelvetti 2018

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Last weekend was very hectic and a full of music and wine. A friend of mine came to visit me and spent the whole weekend here  and like the title gives to understand we attended Saarihelvetti (a small metal festival in an island). This was the first time when I got to chance to go there and this was also the first time when I visited the isle. I've lived here for more than five years and every summer I've had an intention to pay a visit to the isle, but every summer it has not been done.  The festival was something that I assumed it to be; the smaller and more intimate festival and the location was very unique and lovely! For those who don't know, you really have to step to the ferry to get there. The small green isle in the middle of the lake and how winsome it was in the night! I do enjoyed our ride back to home when the black lake embraced us around.  Carach Angren The most expected band to me was definitely Ajattara. The finnish black metal band which I was listening to a lot in my early years and the gig was good and my ears still love the dark lyrics and sound.  This was the first time when I saw them  in live and I hope to see them again. I also found something new music: Carach Angren. The black metal trio from Netherlands was one of the best in the whole event.  All in all I have only good things to say about the weekend and I'm absolutely willing to attend this festival also the next year! (I regret that I haven't gone there earlier, but usually I have been at work) I didn't take many pictures nor the outfit photos, I was focusing on drinking of beer and the music. These outfit pictures were taken the other day, but I decided to add them to the post now. 

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