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Friday vibes

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A week rolled again and the weekend is coming to the end and like the previous weekend also the current consisted of some live music and wine.. what else. On Friday evening me and my boyfriend headed for seeing local philharmonic orchestra which was playing for free at the park and there were such many people that I can't describe. It was kind of  giant picnic happening where the orchestra was playing. I wasn't even able to see the stage, but the mood was great and the wine was delicious. After that we paid a visit to the bar and eventually I was dead tired.  I was dressed in a poncho which was a bit too much because it was sweaty weather, but obviously my brains are already adopted the autumn mood.   The ponchos and capes are one of my favorite garments still although sometimes they feel a bit too complicated to wear. Especially the autumn is a great season for the ponchos.  Otherwise I've been bounded to the books and music over the weekend. Yesterday we watched a Finnish film: Hevireissu which reminded me of Spinal Tap. It was fairly fun. Usually I'm not that big fan of Finnish movies, but this was worth watching. I also started watching Orange is the new black, but I'm in stuck and somehow the newest season doesn't taste now. Perhaps I try it later. 

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