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detective work

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ive been reading. Jon Ronson's Lost At Sea was amusing. then i went on to buy another book of his, Them: Adventures With Extremists , from a local second hand book shop. last year i read So You've Been Publicly Shamed and that's what got me "into" him - super insightful book, very current topic. now i also have tickets to his show in October, it's some kind of on stage version of his audio series Butterfly Effect . then i also picked up another book of Alain De Botton's, On Love . i enjoy his slightly philosophical take on things, yet its grounded in reality, not totally out there. i think this whole reading business has got me quite exited, it's invigorating. ive been watching a lot of detective shows. besides the staple of Bachelors and Married at first Sights, that sis. Unforgotten is great, unfortunately the most recent season just finished. a few weeks ago i discovered Lewis, a spin off of Morse, which i watched as a kid with my gran. i tried watching it again but didnt like it as much as i did around 30 years ago...    the world of Lewis in academic Oxford is a bit old fashioned and reminds me all too much of the class divide here. and every episode if full of professors and Shakespeare quotes and...  well, still pretty good. i also started watching Prime Suspect but it was a bit too real (harsh) at that time, maybe i will try again later, its  clearly good. Shetland was also good, and i started Luther long time ago and should get back to it. i think my favorite is Vera though, and im eagerly waiting for the new season to start...  and next on my list is Broadchurch. but these Lewis episodes are 1.5 hour each so the 9 or so seasonw ill keep me busy for a while longer. there was this wedding in helsinki, it was suitably around the same time i had to go for work anyway so ...yay? but although we were both invited, doctor couldnt go. he was in  germany for a metal festival at the time. and i didnt know anyone at the wedding besides the groom and bride, who are loooovely people, a really cute couple. it was just a tough hour or two before finns had enough courage from the welcome drink and were able to talk to a loner. it was a wonderful wedding though to be honest and in the end i stayed until the wee hours of the morning.  the wedding afterparty near city center, on a boat. other than the wedding my trip was a bit stressful. not sure what started this tailspin, but in any case im better now. i think this year has just been a bit hard, things have felt like out of control and i dont like that! i even went on to Amazon and got myself a self help book to process my control issues...  it was actually a pretty good one! lotsa lightbulb moments.  me and doctor having thai style dinner a week ago. picnic on saturday with some finnish people.   me and doctor working on a puzzle. took a few hours, small one. but very nice, i think. just not ergonomic. i wonder if there exists "puzzle desks", i imagine they would be in a vertical angle like a painting stand. because staring down to a table just kills a neck. i can work on a computer but this stuff... 

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