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Pay for beauty

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How much money is reasonable to use in beauty? How much is your beauty bill every year? How much you would like it to be? How much is enough, and what would be "too much"? A regular Finnish woman is using 151 euros to cosmetics. In a year. 151 euros... only? I started to count my expenses. I'm using that money annually to shampoo only!? So I made a list about my estimated cosmetic charges, and added also a number of these products I yearly use. Mascara 25e x 4 Eye-liner 19e x 2 Eyebrow pencil 10e x 2 Eye shadows total 25e Make up 20e x 6 Skin luminators and highlighters total 40e Concealers 20e x 2 Lip liners total 20e Lipsticks total 35e Powder 30e x 2 Pressed powder 15e x 3 Blushes total 40e Nail-polishes total 20e Theater base mask & powder total 20e Face cream / day 29e x 5 Face cream / night 29e x 4 Eye contour cream 29 x 3 Body lotion 10e x 8 Lip balms total 10e Hand cream total 10e Nail cream total 10e Nail-polish remover total 6e Masks total 20e Scrubs total 20e Eye make-up remover 10e x 2 Face washes 10e x 5 Face tonic 10e x 2 Body wash 7e x 15 Hand soap total 10e Tooth paste 2e x 12 Shampoo 29e x 5 Conditioner 29e x 5 Hair wax 10e x 5 Hair spray 15e x 6 Volume foam 29e x 3 Hair dye 10e x 12 And this didn't count everything, it may be counted 100 euros over or under, prices are totally estimated, some are tax-free prices and some might be made up in my mind. There is surely some products missing. Plus I listed only the products I buy regulalry. And yet it was far over 1500 euros per year. I can't believe this. I would have guessed something like 700 euros. This is too much, I have to check out my beauty needs again. But what could I give up without giving up my beauty and the good condition of my skin and body?

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