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oh dear. ive found Elon Musk a pretty interesting character. seems like a smart guy but then there's a few weird things here and there...ehm.  however, attacking my favorite newspaper does not go down well ! i made sure to use the donation link on the very page so the connection is clear. it's prolly been 6 months since i last donated (or should i say "volunteerly paid for") so thanks Elon for reminding me. anyway that was on Joe Rogan's show, which ive never listened to. i know him from MMA, fun commentator. now i learned he does stand up comedy too, and some of it is on netflix. i have a plan to check that out now. i bought a dressing gown. ive asked myself many times if there is really need for one. but ive spent a year pondering now so i just caved in and got it.  today i voted in a local council election. i think of the guys in the council died so they had to hold a re-election. as before, finding information is painfully hard, near impossible. the candidates dont even have twitter accounts.... but i got 2 leaflets. from Labour and Green Party. number 1 and 2 in the borought so i guess it makes sense. i thought it was interesting how different they were so here is the comparison; the Labour letter only had one side. and it was all about Brexit. well i LOVED that of course. also i very much like the MP the letter was from. actually, perhaps odd that Helen Hayes campaigned for the candidate so directly? anyway, Michael Groce's leaflet was super interesting too. the front had upfront numbers of the council seats and an explation of the overall situation. unusual take on things? the back was then all bout local issues of which many i've thought about a lot. and, Green Party are remainers, if we think from brexit standpoint. so  in the end, Michael got my vote.  we are getting down to the nitty gritty with the London puzzle. its honestly painful, the pieces all look the same. ...and i have the next one waiting. Bachelor AU just had a woman basically apologise for having relationships with women as well. it was one of those "sharing a past trauma or huge secret" discussions, where they get nervous and worry that their revelation might turn the bachelor off...  she topped it off by underlining that she is 'not a bisexual or lesbian or anything like that', just loves people (or something, i stopped listening for a bit). she then continued to convince him that she does find males more attractive etc... really sounded like she was sharing something horrible she had done? very very sad times!

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