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Art worshipper

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We paid a visit to the church on last Sunday, not because we wanted to praise the lord, but we were interested in hearing the game music when it was played by using the organ of the church. The organ is the fine instrument and the acoustics is always special in the church. In addition the church is very magnificent, it keeps inside an artwork from my favorite artist (or one of them) : Hugo Simberg. I definitely recommend to visit here if you are around the corner.  I'm not at all religious person, but the churches represent me the art pieces in itself.  I was dressed in the trench coat, suede boots (from Vagabond) and beret. The coat is many years old and I have not worn it much in recent years, but now I brought it from the basement and I've started wearing it again. It has been the very chilly weather and the warm clothes are quite much needed.  The Garden of the death and the Wounded angel are my favorites.  I love the shape of the roof. The church is not that big, but it is very elegant.  A life of mine has been quite busy (what a surprise) and the blog has spent again some silent days. I have a lot of material and I hope to find the time to share them with you. I have a great inspiration to photograph and I've spent much time in the nature. Also the sewing machine has stolen the time which is of course awesome. Creativity is blooming and I'm not ashamed of that at all. 

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