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mortal engines

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another friend (a couple) moved from turkeyto here a couple weeks back. they were held back for months due to retarded Tier 2 work visa caps, which were then abolished for NHS workers. so now they are in london and the 'turkish mafia' is growing. and the facebook group for turkish doctors in UK (or attempting to come, more like) is almost 2000 people, just a few days short of it. in Mersin we met some doctors actually who are in the group and trying to make their way. it's really motivating to see that all the information can help people and now the group is big enough so that people help each other and one by one they are coming, too. anyway, im so happy our friends finally moved, it's good to have familiar faces around. we spent a week+ in south of turkey. first Antalya and then Mersin. sun and sea...and the in-laws. we did a little weekend getaway with doctors mom & nieces to a seaside town near Mersin. i ate lots of tantuni's and tried to remember how to speak turkish. i get on with everything, actually, it was just several days of doing that. we finished the London map puzzle and started on a new one. yay. my specialty is taking photos after eating... not necessarily visually pleasing nor logical. it WAS a turkish breakfast with the family. interesting...wall with an entrance a grill/restaurant by a river an hour from Mersin. you can bring your own meat or fish and grill it, it's  a public access place. but there is a place selling meat, and they can grill it for you too.the tables in the river are inviting but we stayed on dry ground. turks love threir bread...  our 8.5 yr anniversary, just take out from the nearby mexican streetfood place. a burrito for doctor and an avo+feta salad for me. shirts to doctor from Threadless.  a wooden tray from doctor's mom's shop. it had a flower arrangement glued on it as i think it was meant for weddings or something but the shop assistant kindly removed it so we can use it for anything. i think thats one of the few finnish tings in me; i like some wooden items. random view in london a few weeks back, whenwe had a finnish womens meeting near london bridge. so Conor McGregor lost his latest. i was disappointed to read about his pre-fight behavior. he's always been loud and brash but for a while now i think it's been getting too much and now i think it's not cool anymore. he is just building a brand i think in preparation for retiring. maybe smart but im growing tired of it. still, i was in his corner, too bad. not sure what was the point of this photo.  Mortal Engines seems cool, i think i want to see it when it comes out.

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