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Can you hear the breath of trees?

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The autumn runs forward and I'm worried it goes over too quickly. The best "orange phase" is right now and I've tried to capture it through the lens as much as I can (not enough though). I spent time in the forest last weekend and it felt super comfy place to be. Finnish nature is one of those best things in this country in additions to the changing seasons. This sweetie occurred to say hello. I was hoping to see some deers or mouses and I started being already quite desperate while sitting in the bush. I was about to leave until this only one appeared from the woods. (And I do hope to get the new better lens at some point. I'm saving up for that all the time) The new dress was on for the first time. I made it some weeks ago. It's made of the stretch and white lace piece which is a part of the second hand top. I'm quite happy with the result.  The week has gone very quickly and it's again the weekend... The coming weekend will include some burlesque after a break. 

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