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The Lincoln Cycle 4: My First Jury. - The Lincoln Cycle 5: Tender Memories

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Series credits see The Lincoln Cycle . US 1917 Benjamin Chapin, [John M. Stahl]. DCP 28’35’’ 28’53’’ Le Giornate del Cinema Muto (GCM). Grand piano and violin: Günter Buchwald Viewed at Teatro Verdi, Pordenone (John M. Stahl), 9 Oct 2018 AA: While facing the task of the appointment of the postmasters as President, Abraham Lincoln remembers his first jury as a child when he defended black Jim who had stolen a chicken. His education consisted of the Bible, The Pilgrim's Progress, and Aesop's Fables. Everybody cries during Abe's eloquent defense speech. After the unanimous verdict "not guilty" Huck, the prosecutor, takes the law into his own hands, and the preacher who has arrived at Abe's request to give mother a proper funeral service, witnesses this. The lost sickle, left in all this turmoil hanging in a tree branch, is still there after all these decades. In Tender Memories Lincoln pays a visit to the front, even finding himself in the firing line. While tying up a wooden cross with a piece of cloth he remembers his mother's grave under the giant tree where she often read to him. Moments of earlier films of the cycle appear like refrains. Lincoln remembers his mistakes, and, like Ingvar Kamprad, he makes a point of learning from mistakes. The faces are luminous during the memorial service which is conveyed with deep feeling. In the finale we visit the grave as it stands in 1918.

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