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The Lincoln Cycle 10: Under the Stars

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The Lincoln Cycle. Benjamin Chapin as Abraham Lincoln, the President (he also plays the parts of his father Sam Lincoln, and his grandfather, also called Abraham Lincoln). The Lincoln cycle: "I model my life after Washington". Abraham Lincoln with his two sons and a visitor from home. Series credits see The Lincoln Cycle . US 1917 DCP, 27’18’’ Le Giornate del Cinema Muto (GCM). Grand piano: Daan van den Hurk Viewed at Teatro Verdi, Pordenone (John M. Stahl), 11 Oct 2018 AA: The more we advance in the present the further we go back into the past. In the opening images we see the log cabin and the White House. Four generations of Lincolns are present in this film. Abraham Lincoln faces a particularly painful crisis: Kentucky, his home state, a slave state, wants to stay neutral in the Civil War. We now go back to Abraham's grandfather, also called Abraham, a frontiersman who gave up his life in a battle with Native Americans. Daniel Boone was a houseguest at the Lincoln home. "The welfare of Kentucky is very dear to me", the President declares to the neutrality movement. "I'd rather lose my life than lose the star of Kentucky from the flag". With his devotion and commitment the President manages to convince Kentucky to stay with the Union.

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