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Something they called horror

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Quite a hectic and kind of full weekend is behind me. I was busy doing all kind of different tasks like reading some law text which is fairly exhausting (yeah, I'm dreaming of making the second uni degree, but I'm quite insecure if I have time for that. At least I try although right now it feels I'm mostly struggling. I'm not sure if there is any sense when I'm already over educated, but I like to develop myself and learning new things is rewarding). I'm very good at arranging more things to do although the time is very limited affair.  But not all weekend passed with studying. On Friday evening we finally watched the Vvitch with my beloved. That film was released in 2015, but  only now we managed to watch it. And I liked it. The atmosphere was magnificent and also it was visually to my dark taste. I'd actually re-watch it even immediately. However my beloved said that there was overmuch Holy Spirit in that film. Whatever, now I can cross out one film from the list I have "movies you should watch".  On Saturday a bunch of awesome burlesque performers entertained us in the event which was sold out. A few beers (literally only a few) and loony nuns and devils made our night. Awesome show again and quality performers. Definitely worth every penny.   I was dressed in this age-old skater dress which is partly worn out, but I haven't done any new party dresses in a long time. Perhaps there would be a need for one new? I do like to wear quite simple dresses these days even in the party and there are a few favorite models which I nearly almost pick up. The skater dresses are nice, but also a  sleeveless slip dress works. Long satin gloves and hat give a festive look when the dress is simple and even workaday. There was a horror theme in the event, but like always I didn't have energy to put effort into my look although some zombie look would have been very charming.  Sometimes death do not us part.  

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