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– “I love you” – said the little Prince. – “I want you too” – said the rose. – “Is not the same” – he answered. To want, is to take possession of something, someone. It is to search in others those things that fill the personal expectations of affection, of company. Wanting is to make ours, what does not belong to us, it is to take ownership or desire something to complete us, because at some point we recognize we are lacking. To Love is to wish the best for the other, even when it has very different motivations. To Love is to allow you to be happy, even when your path is different from mine. It is a selfless feeling which is born in a donation, is giving ourselves completely from the heart. When we Love, we give ourselves without asking anything in return, just for the simple and pure pleasure of giving. But it is also true that this hand over, this giving, selfless, occurs only in the knowledge. We can only love what we know, because loving involves jumping into the void, trust the life and soul. And the soul is not compensated. And knowing is just to know yourself, your joys, your peace, but also of your anger, your struggles, your mistakes. Because love transcends the anger, fights, errors and it is not just for moments of joy. To Love is a full confidence that whatever happens, you will be, not because you owe anything, not with selfish possession, but being, in silent company. To Love is to know that the weather does not change you, nor the storms, or my winters. To Love is to give you a place in my heart for you to stay, as father, mother, brother, son, friend, and know that there is a place in yours for me. Giving love does not exhaust the love; on the contrary, it increases it. The way to give back so much love is to open your heart, and let you be loved”. – “I already understood” – said the rose. – “Don’t understand it, live it”- said the little Prince. ©All rights reserved to Little Prince,  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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