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Making my own backgrounds is something I have done since the beginning of this blog (back in 2007). The possibilities are endless and the results are never the same. This week, prompted by a challenge that asked to use playing cards, I started by glueing playing cards onto card bases. Next I dabbed white chalk paint through a stencil. It dried matte white over a somewhat shiny yellowed base - a very nice look I thought. I decorated along the edges with matching red and black tissue tapes, then adhered the stamped, fussy cut images. As you can notice I chose playing cards with spades, clubs and diamonds - no hearts, because they would come to play a part in each one. Heart is always trump - that's the message here. Lastly there's a sprinkling of white paint. entering in: TJK: viikot 45-46, käytä pelikortteja . SimonSays Monday: Make your own background. More Mixed Media challenge: Anything goes with optional black.

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