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DIY: Bike racks on a garage wall

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There was an accident in the garage. As a consequence of a chemical leak all stuff there had to be thrown away and the interiors rebuilt. A lot of empty, clean space now. Finally some of my bikes that accommodate the cramped paincave can find new quarters. Wall shelves are practical and they also serve as showroom racks. They are cheap and easy to install, too. Two angle irons, and one shelf (cut into two 30x30 cm squares) from the hardware store. Couldn't be easier! The outcome was "OK-ish" but it was still lacking the icing on the cake. I bought some cover strip and made separate art frames. Just four pieces glued together. As their opening is the width of the shelf, they can be inserted as separate pieces from the shelf structure. Small nails in the upper corners keep them in their place. Then, I selected two photos that bring back memories from  Taiwan  and  Magdeburg . Now the project started to be a bit more expensive, as I had to invest in a wide format printer to do the job ( HP Officejet 7110 , 110€). Now it looks great! If you are to do a similar job, design it better than I did. The bikes weigh considerably and tilt my shelves down. In the long run this may be an issue. The angle iron has to be sturdy and preferably as long as the shelf. Depending on your wall structure, it's even better to have two irons per shelf.

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