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the city that always has something to offer

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facebook has been offering me this ad for a while. more accurately Bluebella's social media person has clicked around to target "female x-y in London who are interested in z". ok, i dont mind, but who the hell is actually gonna wear this little piece? i envision it getting tangled like headphones... i went to Blackheath with friends last night to see the "5th  of November" fireworks. we had a nice dinner in a brewery style restaurant and afterwards a drink at a cute underground jazz bar. superb. i had to call Apple support about an account related issue. i did queue for nearly 10 minutes i think, but the automated part was less painful than usual and i was able to choose the type of music or in my case, lack of it. importantly though the service was really good and they had a nice very smooth screen sharing system, i was very pleased. the 15 minute call cost me about 50 pence. while i think customer service should be free, IF you're charging, at least that's an acceptable price. Brixton is famous for its street art and murals. this is something just nearby our home.   this article (The Root) on black maternal mortality in the US was really concerning. i didnt imagine it was all fair & nice, their healthcare is not nice to begin with but this sounds far worse. on the positive, The Atlantic reports that americans can now get the abortion pill by mail . sounds like a lifesaver as clinic are being closed left and right. i tried watching Maniac on Netflix. a bit intense for my taste. i might still try continue but not sure. i read both Dove and CoverGirl are becoming cruelty free certified. im especially happy about Dove cos i remember i used to use their products and they have at least tried with the inclusive advertising. CoverGirl is great just cos it's a huge brand and so this means a lot less tes...tortured bunnies. Spotify's playlist Your Time Capsule is awesome. good old favourites.

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